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  1. Let’s see those Beach pics!

    Port Aransas Beach
  2. Will OBX duelers fit in the back?

    I removed my spare before taking it in for new wheels/tires so I could fit just the 4 in the back and have the new spare mounted. They fit with the rear sits down no problem.
  3. Texas Members Roll Call

    Austin here! 👋
  4. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    18002352352,,,1#,,,81814192#,,,991169#,,## If you call that ^^ number you'll be able to track it. You just have to say "Done" after it finishes auto-entering your railcar number (991169) at the end. I did this like five times a day for a few weeks until mine was delivered 😆
  5. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    Scratch that—the tracker updated tonight and it's in Final Preparation at the dealership 😎
  6. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    Got mine today as well! Unfortunately it's been sitting in a railyard in San Antonio for about a week, and the Estimated Delivery window was pushed back to 5/8-5/22 from the original 5/2-5/11 timeframe.