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  1. IAG Products? IAG Mini Bull Bar

    I IAG with the light mount, 100 bucks off Amazon. Thanks
  2. IAG Products? IAG Mini Bull Bar

    I love the look of it. Took about 10 min to install. It is getting some light rust around the weld joints, but a little touch up will take care of that.
  3. Show me your poke!

    I like high and tight look with very little poke. 35/12.50/17 on factory optional badlands beadlock wheels. These are not sasquach flares or wheels, yes they slightly rub on the sway bar.
  4. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    I am more of a "5 minuets with a metal cutting bandsaw" than "spend another $120" kind if guy. But if you don't have access to proper tools this a good way to go.
  5. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Finally got 35s on I am lovin the way its turning out.
  6. Who has worst self inflicted damage to their Bronco?

    I got this nice little ding climbing a really steep grade when my rear tire dropped in a hole and threw me back into a tree. The guy behind me said the tree kept it from continuing to roll back, so I will take the ding versus a roll over. Wife said, how did you do that without hitting the mirror...
  7. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    I got it from Vasher Designs on Etsy. Here is a screen shot of my order.
  8. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    Thanks. Bumper was an easy add, but you do have to cut off the welded in tow hooks that come with the plastic bumper. Other than that, it's just six bolts. Not having all the dang sensors also helped.
  9. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    Honestly, it has rubbed once when we were angled back and pulling out with the wheel turned full lock. I still like the high and tight look though.
  10. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    Thank yo Etsy, I got the link of of this forum.
  11. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    Our orginal order/reservation was July 2021, we made a last second change to the striped down two door from a fully loaded four door at the beginning of 2023 and I am so glad I did.
  12. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    Sorry about that, I am just so proud of how it's turning out. I ordered the spear kit from Underground Graphics, but he modified it to have the bronze with the black center stripe and then added the little mountain scene in the stripe towards the back to match the hood graphic. The Script was...
  13. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    Mine is really not a "Build" because I am just bolting on stuff to make it cool and perform better off road. It started off as a stripped down 4cyl, Manual Transmission Big Bend. Only options were the rear locker, removable hoop step, aux switches and floor liners. I wanted to be mid 30s on...
  14. Icon EXP 2.5 for Hoss 1.0 (Hitachi's)

    My main choice is the Bilstein 6112's. The only issue I have with them, is the minimum lift for a non sas 2 door is 3.6 inches at the lowest setting and it is not recommended to use any other position. I guess I shouldn't complain about 3.6 inches of lift, but I don't like that the adjustability...
  15. Icon EXP 2.5 for Hoss 1.0 (Hitachi's)

    My deep dive in to suspension upgrades continues. Has anyone on here installed the ICON EXP 2.5 for the Hoss 1.0. These are a bare shock that uses the factory spring.
  16. BILSTEIN 6112's on a Non SAS 2 Door, Very Confused

    The info comes directly from Bilstein via Shock Surplus. They did a video on the 6100 and the 6112 specifically for the Bronco Application. They had a very complete chart for all the different settings for the different models. He was very specific in saying that the 2 door Hoss 1.0 Suspension...
  17. BILSTEIN 6112's on a Non SAS 2 Door, Very Confused

    So, that is basically a 6100 Bilstein Shock with a Ford spring. $2100, fully assembled, but no adjustable feature. That is $300 less than the 6112's from Shock Surplus for the fully assembled set. Not a bad option, thank you. Does anyone have pics of these installed on their 2 door?
  18. BILSTEIN 6112's on a Non SAS 2 Door, Very Confused

    So after researching lifts that I can grow with and expand on I was very excited about the Bilstein 6112's. But then I found out that on a 2 door, non SAS Big Bend, at the lowest setting you get 3.6" of lift and it is not able to use any of the other settings. This still really confuses me...
  19. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Green goes well with Red Dirt.