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  1. ADV Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 4

    Good catch but I would still like to see accurate renders though. Trying to get a better idea of how the colors all play together. Thanks.
  2. ADV Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 4

    These look awesome! Quick question for the op.... Did you color the B pillar and the little piece on the C pillar body color on the renders for a reason? Those are black in real life no? It looks better that way but I would like to see accurate renders, especially with the white tops.
  3. ProSim

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    @PittShawn Awesome thank you for the offer and yes we'll have to get together sometime so I can check your FE out! Dude.... I think I just saw you driving down University unless there's another A51 FE in town! Looked awesome! 💪💪💪
  4. ProSim

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    @PittShawn No I still haven't pulled the trigger yet. Day 1 res but had issues with first dealer so I switched then decided to wait when production issues came up. Sounds like you fought through those and finally got your FE home safe and sound!!! Congrats! I did see the white one around...
  5. ProSim

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    Awesome! I'm in Moon as well so hope to see you around!
  6. Retro classic 2-toned 2-door build inspired by Bronco II

    This was what the color scheme on my first Bronco looked like... a 1984 XLT. First car I ever bought and one of the few i've ever loved and yes I've considered replicating this color scheme on the new bronco. So there are a few of us who loved the Bronco II. (This is not my photo but the...
  7. Anyone with photos of the OBX with Roast/Black Onyx Cloth Seats?

    Yeah i hear you. Hopefully someone on the forum has this combo already and can share pics. The only other thing I can think of is maybe look at A51 Bronco Sports online to see if there are some pics as there a lot more of them in the wild. Wouldn't be exactly the same obviously but may get an...
  8. Anyone with photos of the OBX with Roast/Black Onyx Cloth Seats?

    The photos in this link may be the worst color representation I've seen of both the exterior, which it lists as A51 but looks almost forest green and the interior. Not sure where the dealer got these pics or the software they used but that is not even close. But to your point yes a google...
  9. Wrapped my Base MIC top in Gloss White

    Oh they are going to offer it and charge $8-10k+ extra for the "heritage" package.
  10. Wrapped my Base MIC top in Gloss White

    No doubt if I see you I'll chase you down! You see a guy in an black expedition following you it's just me! 😂
  11. Wrapped my Base MIC top in Gloss White

    Bro that looks awesome! Great DIY work! That was my ideal build as well. No more AMB so I'm outta luck. I hope I get a chance to see it around town sometime. Love that you are doing everything yourself. I haven't seen a Bronco in the wild in Pittsburgh yet... Until today! And I saw two...
  12. OBX-VB Rules!!!!

    Looks awesome! Love the VB with the OBX flares and black soft top. IMO VB looks so much better when its not mismatched with the MIC roof & flares. Enjoy!
  13. SelfSquatch Complete w/ 35x12.5R17 Toyo MT + 1" Rough Country Level Lift (added more pics)

    Awesome build! Simple, clean and looks bad@$$!!! Congrats! (and thank you for including a straight photo from the side)
  14. Ford Maverick Has 16 Cupholders! Six... Teen...

    LOL yes they certainly stretched the definition of cup holder. There has been a lot of talk about the lack of cup holders in the Bronco over the past couple years on here so I thought some may find this interesting/funny. I think the designer of the Maverick went a little overboard though! 😄
  15. Ford Maverick Has 16 Cupholders! Six... Teen...

    https://www.inverse.com/innovation/ford-maverick-pickup-tour-16-cupholders I believe that's 14 more than our Broncos!
  16. Baja Forged | ADVfiberglass fender flares Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    agree on the poke... a little bit too much
  17. Baja Forged | ADVfiberglass fender flares Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    fenders are nice and love the interior. I'd take those seats for sure minus the giant logo on the headrest
  18. BDS Fire Rescue Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    Body colored roof and B pillar - check Fold down tailgate - check Love to see this on the 4 door length. That bed is ridiculously short and I can't tell if that's what makes it look so cool or if it would look just as / close to as cool with a little more length.
  19. MIC = "Mick or Mike"?

    Some great responses here.... I appreciate the laughs!!!
  20. MIC = "Mick or Mike"?

    I hear MIC Top pronounced both "Mick" and "Mike". I know which side I'm on but what about you?