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  1. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    How much work… would just replacing the speaker behind the passenger head make any difference. I have B&O
  2. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I am loving my rig @4k, I have noticed a few micro dings on the bonnet i think they may be due to road debris. There seems to be a loud wind leak noise passenger left side especially over 60mph but the Ford service rep says it sounds like a Bronco is supposed to sound. With this exception...
  3. Best way to get missing bash plates?

    I would give away my bash plates in a heart-beat if that reduced wait would make my 2.7 Badsquatch compliant with a roof rack. I just can't find any information where this could be confirmed... Although shipping to Georgia from Washington might make that too expensive.
  4. Yellowstone/Grand Tetons/Mt Rushmore/Badlands - 3000 miles

    Lovely pics sounds a lot of fun. I absolutely love my Badsquatch 2.7, with only one gripe that I can't add a roof rack, that would make long trips like this so much better.
  5. Uncomfortable front seats! What is the solution?

    get a new spare back instead…. :-)
  6. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    The process has been so irritating, hang in there…
  7. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    What recall.. the seatbelt should have been fixed before shipping.
  8. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    This is so unacceptable, 3.5 months since scheduled build.
  9. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Finally got the Bronco home after 2.5 years. I wanted to buy my ESP from the dealer but realized that their quoted price was pretty high as compared to what I have been hearing here (For example from Granger). So I am planning to buy the ESP online from...
  10. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Mine was dropped at Kent, WA (<20 miles from my home) last week. Since then it’s been sitting somewhere and not yet delivered to my dealer. Gosh this is so frustrating… Ford has a long way to go for Direct to Consumer process (think tesla, mini). It’s basically the old school layered cake each...
  11. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Is anybody still waiting for their Bronco on this thread. Or am I the last man standing?
  12. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    My car is within 100miles of me since last 1 week… :-(
  13. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    My Bronco has reached Wenatchee, WA 4 days back. Less than 100 miles from me, sitting there on a rail car… i think i will cross 900 days mark before finally getting it.
  14. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Oh wow mine too…. Yaaay. Till the next issue :)
  15. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Thanks. Unfortunately my Bronco has the seat-belt recall :-(
  16. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Where is this ford recall page? I only knew about the nhtsa website.
  17. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    My Bronco should be delivered in a day or two, hoping it came with recall (seat belt) parts. Will post what i find out.
  18. Recall 23C16 & Delivery Hold : Seat Belt Latch Plate Access For 2021-2023 Bronco w/ Production Build Dates 9/23/20 - 5/9/23

    this is my first Ford experience, started with so much excitement.. and since then and 30 months later it's been nothing but one irritation after another. Finally my car arrives in a week only to sit in my dealers lot for another 3-4 months. horrible...
  19. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    unlikely but I'll update once I get my bronco... I think still a week out.