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  1. Texas SOLD-Outer Banks wheels for sale. Fort Worth

    Set of Outerbanks wheels for sale. $350 or best offer. On my Bronco for less than 24hrs. Looking for direct sell around Dallas/Fort Worth
  2. Texas Sold: TEXAS Fort Worth Dallas- Looking for 33" Badlands takeoffs

    If anyone is getting rid of their Non-Sas Badlands wheels and tire take-offs I would be interested. Getting OBX but want to switch to these. In Forth Worth area. Thanks
  3. Four Broncos on Display @ Texas State Fair Auto show

    Went to state fair yesterday and they have 4 Broncos. The eruption green Ounter Banks . 2 door first edition and 4 door Blackout Diamond. Ford had large presence at the show. Was able to get some pictures. They also had a race red BL inside. The ones on the outside display, you could get in and...
  4. Mannequin NO SHOW

    So I have been to several Ford Dealers in Fort Worth Area to see their mannequins only to be told by almost everyone one of them that the GM has it as a daily driver. I originally was only able to look in the window of an Black Diamond before it disappeared. At everyone of these dealers I was...
  5. New Accessories' Update on Ford build site

    I was Just pricing my Bronco for the 10 millionth time and there are new accessories listed---some of the prior options are back and some new ones like wheels, seat covers and deflectors are present. hadn't seen anyone mention this-- so hopefully Im not late to party.
  6. New tee shirt

    My wife got me a new shirt while on vacation. Best of both worlds—Sasquatch and old school Bronco. I’m a day 4 reservation but dealer has so many reservations before me, I’ll settle for Bronco swag until mine shows up.