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  1. Portals and Pro-X update

    I would assume that the triangulated 4 link has a drastically different roll center. If the uppers and lowers are close to parallel it could drop the roll center quite low. With a lowered roll center and a raised CoG from the portals and lift the roll moment gets quite large. It makes sense...
  2. A New Kind of Portal

    The similarities are shocking and I mean that in the worst aspect possible.
  3. A New Kind of Portal

    I've said from the beginning that I wouldn't trust a single thing designed by Tyler. Compare his informational portal videos to 74Welds and it is night and day. They guy doesn't have a clue what he is talking about and is just repeating what someone else has told him. The bolt on portals...
  4. Help!!! Kings made my steering wonky.

    Do you have a track bar relocation bracket? or just an adjustable track bar?
  5. Looking for feedback on ceiling mounted roof lifts

    If you have an extra 8" above the bronco, you have the space... I back in to the garage, basically until my spare is against the wall. Lift the top from there 6". Then I normally park pulling in forwards and the roof section sits above the hood of the bronco. You don't need tall ceilings.
  6. Calling All Bronco Enthusiasts! Share Your Insights in Our Survey

    Lol Email and address into a survey just for your survey company's data to get hacked. No thanks
  7. 2021 Bronco Badlands Gets the Wild Horses 4x4 Treatment... Hoss 3.0 Suspension & Portals Explained

    I just can't get over how goofy these look with the tibus portals and low offset wheels.
  8. 0-60 in 4 Seconds - My 2.7 Bronco Performance Modification Thread

    These are awesome results. Do you lose any of the OEM functions with this? Keypad entry/over the air updates/ etc? Do you still run the procal? or is ZFG handleing the transmission tuning and engine tuning as a single standalone option? Super impressive results.
  9. Taking the Off Roadeo class... again?

    You guys realize you can bring your own bronco off roading, and hire a personal guide(if you want or need) for way less than 2k for 4 hours. Just a suggestion. I went to the Off-Rodeo and though it was fun, but not worth repeating at any cost, much less 2k. Off-roading on your own accord...
  10. Domestic Dieselgate

    I get both sides... Ive been around some diesels that had to be deleted because the egr system was failing and too expensive to fix. But these were the same guys that had to run their ac on recirculate at stoplights because it smelled awful if you left it on outside air. Im sure its a...
  11. Rock Krawler Suspension coming Triangulated 4 link

    Don't these use the same upper mounts that people who offroad are having significant cracking issues?
  12. Brabus? Is it just a rich toy?

    For many, a G wagon is more of an off road vehicle than the Bronco. They have front and rear solid axles, a V8, triple locked, and a nice comfortable interior to boot. Plenty of serious offroad capable G wagons in other parts of the world.
  13. 2.7 ECU Hack Update (?)

    I believe all of the shops that have gotten them to work are acutally swapping out the ECU to a f150 ECU that they can unlock and then flash the bronco stuff onto. This is just word of mouth, but that is what I heard.
  14. Imogene Pass in July

    I have done Imogene a couple times. Have seen stock Subaru Forresters at the summit, along with a Mildly lifted Miata. You should be totally fine with zero modifications.
  15. Louisiana Area 51 Badlands

    Im also in the BR area. Planning a trip to Barnwell in April in Marshall, TX. (Hour west of Shreveport) It is the closest area with the type of off roading I enjoy, although it does not compare to the views of actual mountains. I have yet to make it to Hot Springs, but I plan to do that one...
  16. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    Ford didn't provide an oil pressure gauge because people would freak out when oil P was 20psi cruising down the highway. It is a variable pressure pump, so the pressure is controlled by the load on the engine rather than RPM. If you add thicker oil it will just decrease the pressure from the...
  17. My Stroppe Baja Bronco tribute build

    A guy I know local to me has one of the original Stroppe Broncos. Super cool.
  18. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    Its funny the guys that never see high oil temps. It means you've never taken your bronco off road. Everytime I have been on anything other than pavement, the oil temps sit around the 235 range. Running the AC can help since it forces the fans to run and keep it in the 215 range. This...
  19. Front and Rear Long Travel Bronco Build

    Longer front control arms allow for more articulation with similar driveline angles. It obvioulsy needs new front axles but uses the stock CV cups, but longer arms give more travel at the same angles.
  20. Check this NOW if you have a 2021 Bronco -- cracks on rear control arm upper brackets

    Have any seen cracks with oem Upper and Lower control arms. These cracks don't seem like they would occur with forward and aft movement. Seem to be caused by seperation/torsion of the two mount faces which would occur with increased articulation. Solid sphericals/johnny joints at the rear...