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  1. Anyone with Everglades 'waiting list' with your dealer?

    I am on a dealer list local to me and sounded like a fairly small list - again dealer list, no deposit, etc. Just on a list to prioritize people who are interested when Everglades order banks open. Anyone else doing this and what are you hearing around process and price?
  2. Anyone here with KMC KM720 Roswell?

    Besides the SEMA Blue/White Bronco posted a few months back (and then sold), has anyone fitted a set of KMC KM720 Roswell wheel's to their truck yet? Interested to see the anthracite color and google gives me a load of different silver-brown or super bright silver hues that are misleading in...
  3. Anyone know this wheel/tire spec?

    Says FFCustoms on the windshield and has stripe kit by @Ridergraphix. Just would love to know more about 1) the Block/Fuel wheel spec/size/offset and 2) tire size. Apologies if owner has posted here before, but could not find.
  4. Is anyone alive at Marketing Program Headquarters (MPH)?

    I have been trying to call them now for 3 or so days, staying on hold for 30-50 mins, sometimes getting kicked off. Has anyone here actually gotten through recently? If so, how did you direct your call - meaning did you say "Ford Bronco Order" or "Bronco Reservation"....."Are you guys idiots...
  5. Weird Order Number - Anyone know?

    So I placed a retail order at local dealer (no prior reservation date, so starting from beginning). Have DORA and Dealer Preview Order....and the only order number I see is a letter and 3 numbers.....like A123. Dealer says this is my order number, but this seems like a dealer order number vs...
  6. Any Area 51 with Bronze(ish) wheels?

    Been photshopping (badly I might add) all week and just want to see if anyone has this combo. Bonus points for Carbonized Grey as well. My inspiration:
  7. Ultimate Black Rhino Gallery

    Hoping we can start a Black Rhino gallery here. If you are sporting Black Rhino's, post pics here with wheel style, size and tire specs - including offsets if possible. I'll start with @Granger Ford 's recent post of this sexy beastie:
  8. Granger and Stephens anyone?

    Anyone who has an order/res with Granger and Stephens - who is your sales rep? I need to change dealers and just want a better experience. Looking for someone I can reach out to who is just responsive and helpful. Thanks in Advance!
  9. Prior reservation holder question

    For some reason, I may have royally confused myself. Had a res # since last Sept/Oct and decided to cancel due to all the MIC top issues, limited availability on certain options and just general confusion by Ford. I decided to wait a bit and now would like to jump back in. Can anyone tell me...