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  1. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    Crack filled today Patiently waiting for the next one 😂
  2. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    that’s what I do. Doesn’t stop it but anything to minimize potential damage is worth it
  3. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    Yeah they can be loud. Checked this morning and still looks the same. Going repaired this week
  4. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    Repair appointment is this Thursday. Went through insurance so no cost to me
  5. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    I’ll look into it tomorrow. Thanks
  6. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    This is why I’ll wait on replacement if it doesn’t get worst
  7. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    Surprised it took so long. It’s small. Hopefully doesn’t spider. Not going to fix it unless it does
  8. Installed the Ford Procal tune, and I am both ecstatic, and pissed off.

    I might do this next year. Only have 1500 miles on my 2023 so want to break it in more but one thing I haven’t heard about and my question is does it have any ramifications on a extended warranty?
  9. Favorite Products to clean the interior and exterior of the Bronco? 🫧🧼🫧

  10. Bronco leaving winter storage soon

    It has one on it. Thanks
  11. Bronco leaving winter storage soon

    Issue is not location. My other car is in garage, Bronco won’t fit either way. Very limited parking around house with score on ground.
  12. Bronco leaving winter storage soon

    It’s on a trickle charger but concerned it won’t start or some other issue might pop up. Anyone use home through this yet?
  13. Rate my detailing plan…

    They are in process of moving to a much bigger warehouse. Is expected to be completed early this week. I would expect to see the site updated soon.
  14. Rate my detailing plan…

    btw meant to type experienced not expensive. Go check it there YouTube page. Ton of great videos. If you’re a newb I highly recommend more research and that can come as just watching YouTube videos before jumping into polishing and coating. car detailing isn’t hard but need to take proper steps
  15. Rate my detailing plan…

    Run from chemical guys. Don’t do a clay bar. They are very abrasive. Clay towels with proper lubricant are better and much safer. I would highly recommend to check out DIY Detail’s YouTube channel. They are very experienced and have ton of videos for beginners. I bought my bronco with no idea...
  16. Hello from SW New Hampshire

    Very nice. In NH myself.
  17. End of winter storage - oil change?

    wasn’t able to use fuel stabilizer. Had issues pouring it in. Don’t think the spout was long enough. Filled it up with premium fuel which is what I use regularly. Burning through the gas shouldn’t be an issue. It’s storaged in a temperature controlled location.
  18. End of winter storage - oil change?

    Changed oil before going into storage for 5 months. Should I change it again after?
  19. Fast Intentions Axle-Back Exhaust Installed

    Still love mine! Nice little rumble added.