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  1. My Cost Effective 2 door Big Bend "Build"

    Mine is really not a "Build" because I am just bolting on stuff to make it cool and perform better off road. It started off as a stripped down 4cyl, Manual Transmission Big Bend. Only options were the rear locker, removable hoop step, aux switches and floor liners. I wanted to be mid 30s on...
  2. Icon EXP 2.5 for Hoss 1.0 (Hitachi's)

    My deep dive in to suspension upgrades continues. Has anyone on here installed the ICON EXP 2.5 for the Hoss 1.0. These are a bare shock that uses the factory spring.
  3. BILSTEIN 6112's on a Non SAS 2 Door, Very Confused

    So after researching lifts that I can grow with and expand on I was very excited about the Bilstein 6112's. But then I found out that on a 2 door, non SAS Big Bend, at the lowest setting you get 3.6" of lift and it is not able to use any of the other settings. This still really confuses me...
  4. Eruption Green and Bronze and I need to some help

    I absolutely love my Eruption Green 2 door and it still amazes me this color was a no cost option. The color theme I am going with, as many EG owners are, is Bronze accents. I love how it's turning out. I need help with the Beadlock rings. If anyone has painted these Bronze, please post a pic...
  5. Well that didnt take long, rescheduled

    I have been scheduled for a whole 5 days and they moved my build date a week. Thats okay, I was a 3/27 outlier anyway, most were scheduled for 4/3. I will take having a scheduled day moved versus not being scheduled at all.
  6. Is Ford trying to trick remaining reservation holders?

    I just watched Tim with Long McArthur Ford's pod cast for scheduling information and Bronco news and I couldn't believe what I heard. This really doesn't apply to me anymore because I completely changed my order because our needs changed, but to those who haven't dropped the dreaded 3...
  7. Current Constraint info needed

    Is there anyone with knowledge of current constraints that can tell me if the Manual Transmission is currently an issue. I completely changed my order to BB, 2 door, Manual today in an effort to make lower cost buildable order.
  8. Comparing my 23 reorder DORA to my 22 order DORA

    So after sitting down with my dealer and finalizing my identical 23 reorder of my Outer Banks, SAS,Lux, Leather with a Hardtop I was suprised to see the price only went up $505.00 from my 22 order from January. The base price went up $1505 and the destination charge went up $100. But the 314A...
  9. Say it aint so.

    Can we please not do this. As a Jeep owner the ducks irritate me, but these little ponys are big negatory. Just say no, please I'm begging you.
  10. Did i finnally hear good news on commodities.

    I was watching my typical bronco news you tube channels and Johnny just gave some great news on commodities. It looks like MIC top is good to go, locking front axle is good to go and other restraints have greatly improved. Now we may get them with certain functions not working yet, but you know...
  11. Current Constraints and Percentages?

    I am still confused on some of the constraints and percentages. I saw a video where the latest memo showed the constraints on the Bronco. Wildtrak was 15%, as it was explained that means that 15% of the builds could be Wildtrak, so with a high take rate that means the Wildtrak is highly...
  12. Calling all Base 2 door Owners.

    So I have a young son turning 16 in June of 2023. I, always trying to think in advance, have started thinking about his first truck, we are in Texas, so yes first truck not car. We have a 4 door Bronco ordered for mom and that has been where my focus has been. But the other day I saw a Base 2...
  13. Eruotion Green Badlands Lux Available

    Our local dealer in Tyler Texas has an abandoned order available for the bargain price of 87k. But it did confirm to us that Eruption Green is an awesome color and it makes the waiting a little harder.
  14. Pic request, Outer Banks, Eruption Green with Roast Interior

    If any one has one yet, I would love to see this color combo. I just switched to the Outer Banks with Sas from a Wildtrak just to get this interior color with eruption green.
  15. Switched to an Outer Banks from a Wildtrak

    After having my Wildtrak on order from the beginning, for me about 7 months ago, I woke up this morning and called my dealer and switched to a Sas Outerbanks, why, I got worried the light tan interior parts on the WT would show wear to quick. So after building it identical to WT is was about...
  16. Bronco Driving Experience AKA, mini off rodeo.

    I am attending one of these events this weekend in Bridgeport Texas. I saw one post here about it. What can we expect as far as bronco examples? Also, why no kids under 16, seems like it would be great way for the whole family to get excited about the Bronco that may or may not show up this...
  17. Maisto Enhancements, just killin time.

    Added some enhancements to the Costco Maisto interior to better match the Wildtrak. When my daughter bought it i thought it was black but its actually AMB. My original plan was to try match the Eruption Green, but we will see. Just trying to kill time waiting.
  18. Will we get 2022s?

    So what is the general feeling on the old B6g group that our converted 2022 orders will get built and delivered in 2022 or will we be reordering for 2023. Mine is a WT, I stuck with the hardtop, but that is the only specific constraint other than the entire package, V6, Lux, etc. I was also a...
  19. So this is why the current market is stupid.

    And its a freaking big bend or black diamond. Really.
  20. Dealers seem "Out of the Loop"

    I talked to my dealer yesterday and he has no clue what the process is for converting to a 2022. He says typically they have to start a whole new order, which means new order number. He also figured Ford would just convert it automatically. But with my order, I have to change color, make the...