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  1. Oregon full set 2023 OBX Wheels and Tires take offs

    West Portland/Hillsboro area. Asking 600 for 5 tires and wheels off a 2023 Outer Banks. Tires have approximately 100 miles on them and still like new. no TPMS are included as they were moved to new wheels when swapped.
  2. What Are Your Winter Road Settings?

    I've just been using Normal with 4A during this mess the last few days. No problems really.
  3. No Ragrets- which mod do you wish you hadn’t?

    I've got the Broaddict table and have zero rattles unless I hit a big bump. Normal driving is fine.
  4. Broaddict Tailgate Table

    I have the same issue. The pre-cut notches dont line up exactly right so theres a slight angle on the table. One of these days I will grind out the notches a little and make it flush
  5. BDUSA Replacement Vent Clip / Vent Tabs Now Available

    Just got mine installed. Hardest part is just getting the old tabs off of the vents but it wasn’t too bad. New ones look and feel great. Thanks!
  6. What's the best tailgate table?

    looks great! Mine was delivered yesterday but I probably wont have a chance to install until this weekend. Any tips?
  7. Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    delivered via USPS today so about 5.5 weeks. I was checking the vehicle registration page here and the Bronco didnt show up until yesterday so super fast turnaround once they finally get to you.
  8. Bricked Again! - Second Time. Anyone Else?

    I got the same update message today and no issues so far
  9. FORScan codes to disable the factory LUX wireless charger

    not sure on the FORScan codes but Mabbett has a replacement charger that seems well regarded here. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/mabett-introduces-wireless-phone-charger-for-ford-bronco.59010/ https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/mabett-wireless-phone-charger.73716/...
  10. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    well thats good news. hopefully he knows what he's talking about and not just saying what you want to hear.
  11. Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    Thanks. yeah I know the temp tag is good for 90 days, just wondering what everyone else experienced.
  12. Seat belt recall bureaucracy holding up Bronco delivery

    If I look up my VIN this is what I see. Blend date was 4/24 and took delivery on 6/14 so I think I JUST slide in under the wire
  13. BeamNG has convinced the masses that Broncos are unsafe...

    all this has convinced me of is that I probably need to finally grab BeamNG while the Steam sale is still happening
  14. Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    How long did it take for you guys to get your plates? Coming up on a month since pick up for me and havent seen or heard anything yet. Went through Damerow if that matters.
  15. First thing you did to your Bronco?

    got any pictures or links to the hinge covers?
  16. When did the price increase happen?

  17. Did you know that we are on Amazon?

    @DV8offroad on the pinch weld covers, do you need to remove the OBX steps first or can they stay in place during install?
  18. Mandatory front license plate bracket

    Picked mine up in OR(front plate required) two weeks ago and front plate bracket was stored in the back at delivery.