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  1. Random hazard lights and annoying critters

    So Friday night about 10:45 I’m on the couch watching TV when my doorbell rings, wtf… My neighborhood is pretty quiet, but there have been a few small incidents over the years. So I grab my weapon of choice and head to the door. Looking through the peephole I can see that it’s a woman, but...
  2. A stream of consciousness after finally getting to see the Bronco(s) in person

    So I know there have been a lot of threads just like this one where people give their first impressions after seeing the Bronco for the first time, but my experience is likely very different than a lot of others. I got to see quite a bit and I have A LOT of thoughts. I will try and share them as...
  3. Broncos spotted in Central Texas! (Random sighting so don’t get too excited)

    Some Broncos were apparently at a dealership in Marble Falls yesterday. The Broncos supposedly were prototypes that were doing testing in the area.(You can see some wheel rash on the BL) So I’m assuming some stuff is going down at the Off-Roadeo. The poster said that the dealership wasn’t...
  4. Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares Spotted on Preproduction 2021 Broncos

    Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares, as first seen in the Bronco Accessories catalog. I understand everyone has their own favorite flavor of ice cream, but I just don’t understand why these flares even exist. They are godawful IMO. From Dean Dupuis on FB VIDEO From...
  5. 2 Door Area 51 First Edition Ride Along with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

    Title says it all. Video from the YouTube channel Driving Line, in conjunction with Built2Wander. Tried to embed the video in a way that it starts with the ride along. We’ll see if it worked, if not the ride along starts at 6:07. Overall it seems very similar to the KOH ride along videos we’ve...
  6. 2 door Carbonized Gray Black Diamond spotted

    Be forewarned, it’s not a great pic. But throw some 33s on there and hot damn! ? Pic from f150_abyss on IG (did I do that right?)
  7. 2 door fastback top DOES fold back! Lightning Blue First Edition Bronco With Graphics

    BN just posted some pictures of the graphics that have now been put on the LB FE with the fastback top we’ve seen previously. I don’t give a damn about the FE graphics so didn’t grab all of the pics. However there was some uncertainty if the fastback top would fold, or if it was just...
  8. Dust Infiltration Test Video

    From @bradlovell: Dust infiltration test. We have put Bronco through a battery of excruciating tests and when I have asked to push harder, Ford has responded by developing new tests and standards to push the limits of off-road. At first it just looks like a cloud of silt and dirt, but just...
  9. New pics of Race Red 4 door Badlands (Non-Sasquatch)

    From Kevin Koblinski on FB
  10. Spotted: Non-Sasquatch Black Diamonds testing

    Here is a photo of some non-squatched Broncos testing. The photo was taken by avery_excavating. Apparently there were 8 Broncos total, not sure why only one pic was taken.?‍♂️ Hopefully these will be spotted some more, and we get more pics. (These were in Williamsburg, Michigan apparently) The...
  11. New videos show off Bronco Trail Turn Control + testing manual in sand

    Here are some videos from Vaughn Gittin Jr and Loren Healy doing some testing of the Bronco. And a video of the manual in sand (Also 2.3 sounds kinda good for what it is)
  12. Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    Build and Price goes live tonight at 12:01AM Eastern Standard Time (11:01 PM Central / 9:01 PM Pacific). From the FordBronco Instagram
  13. Filson Bronco Concept Teased by Ford

    Ford just posted these. Filson's slogan is "Might As Well Have The Best." Seems to me like the green Bronco might be a Filson Forest Service “Concept”... Which could be this mystery Bronco spotted under cover at Super Celebration East last week...
  14. A Look at the Navy Pier interior in a Bronco Sport.

    The Navy Pier interior in an Outer Banks Bronco Sport (Same A51 that @Administrator posted in the A51 thread
  15. Spotted: Cactus Gray and Black Broncos testing in Colorado mountains

    Hotel Broncos testing in mountains in Colorado. They aren’t anything we haven’t seen before, just in a different setting. (Before you ask yes these are squatch’ed out lol) More photos after their run:
  16. 32s vs 33s (vs35s)

    Long post, bear with me lol So I've reserved a 4 door big bend. It comes with P rated 32s. On this two door the size looks 'decent', however I'm curious if they will look small on a 4 door. Either way it desperately needs a more aggressive looking tread imo. (Also not a huge fan of those...
  17. Photoshop request with existing white top

    So I really like the white top and roll cage, but not so much the white door handles and hood ties. So anyone that’s good with photoshop... could you leave the roof/cage and the tow hooks white, and then change the grill, hood ties and the door handles to black? Thanks in advance!
  18. Sunglasses storage ?‍♂️

    So I know this is stupid, but I’ve always wanted my vehicle to have dedicated sunglasses storage. I hate having to throw them in console or door pocket and have to fish around for them. I saw the storage as standard on a few trims. However seeing pictures of the upfitter switches I don’t see...