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  1. Oil leak 2.3A

    Was doing my oil change 4700 miles, saw this leak. Anyone else have anything similar?
  2. What are your Bronco plans?

    What are your hobbies and what do you plan on doing to/with your bronco for them? I almost got the black Diamond trim only because I enjoy snowboarding and rock climbing.
  3. Nomnom Base Sasquatch build log

    Reserved 2.3 4 door base sasquatch 7/14/20, switched to soft top in September and delivered 12/10/21. The intent of this build is for overlanding, not hardcore wheeling so practicality and utility are prioritized. So far I have been able to navigate through 5-6 rated trails (trails offroad app)...
  4. Center console 12v stays on?

    I installed a dash cam and plugged it into the center console 12v. After shutting the car off, the camera stays on for at least 45 minutes, I fear this might kill the battery over time. many one know how to prevent the 12v in the center from staying on after the car is off?
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