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  1. Question re: Reservations vs. Orders

    code 99 is a "Do Not Build" code for Ford...the scheduling system will skip over any 99 order
  2. Cybertruck video from inside Giga Texas, production now 2023

    If you're inside the truck, you can't see how ugly it is :)
  3. 2nd order change, 540+ days in

    I went through almost the same thought process late last year in December. I know I'm so far down the list, I'll most likely end up changing my order again. I am curious to see the Everglades but I don't know it'll cause me to change my order. I also want to hear about the Heritage Edition...
  4. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling Next Week (1/17) For Build Weeks 2/28 Through 3/28!

    Preview usually means that they looked at your build to consider check if they had the parts to build it. Possibly a good sign they might schedule in the next round, but no telling for sure
  5. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling Next Week (1/17) For Build Weeks 2/28 Through 3/28!

    Assuming their system is reliably sending out emails, no email potentially means you weren't selected, so you'll have to wait for the next round of scheduling. If Ford holds to this pattern, they seem to be scheduling a month of work about 2 months prior. All subject to change if parts supply...
  6. ⏰ No Bronco scheduling upcoming week of 1/10

    In addition to this information, on the page where that screenshot was taken, there is a note at the bottom that the Jan 10 week shows no scheduling because the dealerships are finishing up and submitting the new allocation paperwork required by Ford...whatever that actually means.
  7. My first 24hrs: snow storm, freezing rain and a bit of snow inside!

    Did you sell the 2.3 manual or is this one in addition to the 2.3?
  8. Photo request, 2 door big bend non sasquatch - hope this helps me pick a color?

    Is there a color you are leaning towards? If so I would recommend looking at the various color dedicated threads
  9. Bring a trailer bronco ends today

    If it was a 2dr, I'd almost be tempted to place a bid myself LOL
  10. Pin hole in muffler - residue from Dirt Mt ?

    Even the muffler was said to know it was attached to a machine sitting on Dirt Mountain :D
  11. Bronco Lost in Mail

    Seeing this did make be go search for a mini-bronco to put on a shelf so I can stare at it every day :) I may order one for kicks ;)
  12. Hold on all 2-door orders?

    Not sure if Ford would send out communication like that without it also being leaked about on the internet. As 2 DR orders are MIC restrained, it's likely that Ford still has a shortage of MIC tops for the 2dr to fulfill the current orders. If you are set on a 2dr and don't mind waiting, place...
  13. Probably a REALLY stupid question, BUT:

    The only issue I see if is your wife picks up the Bronco, you may have to get back in line anyways as she may not give it up when you are back stateside
  14. 7sp MT minor issue

    Little bit off topic, but what dealer in NC has a MT demo? Just recently switched my order to have the MT as I've found I've missed rowing gears oddly enough.
  15. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    I figure by March 2022, I'll have had second thoughts (as I doubt I'll have been scheduled yet). Ford will have probably (hopefully) released more information on the Heritage edition(s) that it may sway my decision and I'll be back at the dealer to change my order again (possibly).
  16. Check your Bronco order status using back door link. Found out I'm In-Production without email received

    Did you have a reservation number from back when they were allowing reservations? I think that link only works if you have that. Just a guess though. It's no secret that the Ford web pages are somewhat finicky in displaying the correct information.
  17. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Changed my build slightly this past week. Dropped the 2.7 and went to the 2.3 with manual. Seeing the CyberOrange on the one Bronco they had for sale (with ADM) made me glad I kept that color. It definitely stands out when out and about and there is just a sea of black, white, silver vehicles...
  18. Dealt with my first angry Jeep owner

    Honestly I think it sounds like they might have been the type of person to spit on your vehicle no matter what it is Bronco or otherwise. How dare you park near their vaunted mall crawling jeep...did you not see that by parking in such a manner they were above such plebian parking methods? :)
  19. 1500 Miles and Broke Down

    Which Engine? 2.7 6cyl or the 2.3 4cyl?
  20. Order changed :)

    I feel like I'm going to go through a few changes in my build because I dunno...long wait time so lots of opportunity to go through the various builds. Anyways I started with my initial order on 10/14/2021 with a 2dr CO 2.7L Badlands with Lux and Tow. This was mostly based off of the Big Bend...