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  1. SHADOW BLACK Bronco Club

  2. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Nice, really digging the color. We have the same spec except I have black.
  3. Picture - Mabett Roof Rack + Rear Extra Bar + iKamper 2.0 + JCR Reinforcements + Fridge Setup

    Looks great! Question, aside from the Mabett, did you add extra oem crossbar? I'm about to do the same but curious if I need another crossbar or just the oem rack will work?
  4. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    got 11.7 on mine. That means they just rushed it out the door which is fine after waiting 2.5+ years. lol
  5. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    The salesman handed me the key to test drive but I declined. Exactly my point of buying it to be an off-roader/camping rig. I have two other mercedes in the garage, nice interiors and features but they don't come with bash plates and steel bumpers, can't even hose the interior. Overall very...
  6. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Thanks. I've never been inside, sat, nor driven one before until I got mine, didn't even test drove it. It's not as wide as my F150 as my first reaction. Drives great. Fit and finish is okay for what it is, a rugged off roader. I was out the dealership for about hour and a half.
  7. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Guys, I have picked it up. Shadow black Black Diamond. Hope you guys will get yours soon..
  8. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Mine's been like this since Friday and no contact from dealer. Wondering how much time dealer needs before delivery? Today is Tuesday the 6th.
  9. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    No, I wrote it wrong and you read it right. I got it backwards. 2023 is $2k more than 2022 which my dealer honored. It is comparable so I can't complain. Just seems odd and never heard of it according to my search in the forum.
  10. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Didn't remove anything at all. At this point I didn't care if it gets built as 2023 or heck 2024, I already bought a vehicle last year, so this is a surprise.
  11. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Exact same thing. The base msrp from 2022 to 2023 jumped $2145 plus I noticed destination and delivery jumped a couple hundred.
  12. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Mine's a little different and I don't know if this is common. My dealer honored my 2022 DORA which is 2k+ more than my 2023 DORA. Then deducted by my price protection which is about $2800. So overall I am $6200 below my windowsticker price. Seems ok?
  13. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    ohh yeah.. Love the color, congrats!
  14. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Hell yeah. Congrats. She's a Beaut and I like her dirty!
  15. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    My dealer reached out last week that my ETA is June 1st, which is today so hopefully fingers crossed. Hopefully our 2+ year ordeal will end soon.
  16. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Got my assembly line pic.
  17. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Shipped 5/18, currently in Gibson Indiana railyard, heading to the West Coast. Whose my rail mates?
  18. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Well hopefully yours will get shipped soon but you should be out in the trails this summertime. Hard to beat summer in the PNW.
  19. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    finally shipped to the PNW!
  20. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I think you should. Same here I'm 2020 Reservation, January 2021 original order. I already got the breakdown from my dealer and I will be paying close to my 2022 Dora, which in total $6,100 less from my windowsticker price. I know I qualify for $2820 from model year transition.