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  1. Metalcloak's Ultimate 4x4 and Off Road Glossary of Terms & Definitions

    Yeah, I don’t care if people use it…. It just doesn’t mean Sasquatch to me, so I don’t even think to use it.
  2. Metalcloak's Ultimate 4x4 and Off Road Glossary of Terms & Definitions

    Agree... I think our best abbreviation is "Squatch". That's what I use.
  3. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    Taken down... But too late for that shiz.
  4. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    I hope they fixed their horrible seating position... I cannot stand sitting on the floor in a Toyota.
  5. "Safe" tire pressure....

    Long time off-road guy that does tires at a medium volume offroad shop... I run 35 on the street on the Bronco and 30 on the Jeep. Off-road, my Staun deflators are set to 11psi for the vast majority of off-roading that I do, mostly rock crawling. If I get in to sand, I'm good with the 11psi...
  6. What a WEAPON (2024 Bronco Raptor)!!

    Thank you for the kind words... I don't know about "guru", but I do a decent number of tires at an off-road shop. I've seen a lot on the trail too... It definitely has to do with tire construction and rim width... I do not run beadlocks and my standard air down is set at 11psi using Staun...
  7. I need speaker upgrade for Super Dummies help

    We did a fair amount of messing around with the 4" dash speakers and then going to 6.75 in Mabett rear pods. Along with Forscan tweaks.... Remember, audio is personal, not everyone likes the same tone/sound. The Kickers were the worst sounding by far. The Hertz were good, probably second...
  8. Granger Has Received Bronco Raptor Allocations- 2% Under Invoice!!

    I want and I can afford... I just can't justify. Blah.
  9. Install of the Ford Performance C Bow brace

    Looks good... I wouldn't mind a little more rigidity in the chassis. Wondering if it will still fit with aftermarket (like Mabett) speaker pods?? Anyone have an idea on this?
  10. 35" + 37" + 40" Tire Comparison Spreadsheets

    While the tread pattern is similar, I wouldn’t expect the rest of the tires construction to be all that similar…. At least as it relates to different tire manufacturers. Also the tread voids are significantly larger on the shoulder blocks. Kanati’s are known for being durable…. GoodforaYears...
  11. 35" + 37" + 40" Tire Comparison Spreadsheets

    Added the Kanati Overland RTX to the 35 sheet. LR-C and only 4.0lbs heavier than the Territory MT. They have a LR-C 37" coming soon too... I expect it to be pretty light weight. I'll add it once it is released.
  12. Now Available: HAVOC Offroad® California Brief Top

    I like it... I wonder how it fits on the different brands of rear speaker pods many of us have???
  13. Rock Krawler Pro-X 4-Link Rear Conversion -- install, test, and review

    Many of these setups are in their infancy... Obviously, that rear Icon coilover was designed for a certain suspension and tire size. Bigger tires usually means more bump stop or more fender clearance. So, with 37's, we're looking at a longer compressed length shock or changing the lower...
  14. Rock Krawler Pro-X 4-Link Rear Conversion -- install, test, and review

    I hate losing travel.... I'd prefer changing the mounting locations. I always design around minimum bump stop and maximum travel.
  15. Rock Krawler Suspension coming Triangulated 4 link

    @EvanPeterson If those Icon's are ride height adjustable, consider relocating the lower shock mount location upward 1".
  16. Include the spare in tire rotation?

    Directly from the Owners Manual. "For the best tire life, a five tire rotation is recommended that includes the matching spare tire mounted on the back of the vehicle." It's just being lazy if you don't do a 5 tire rotation. Not to mention the vast majority of people don't put OEM tires on...
  17. Rock Krawler Suspension coming Triangulated 4 link

    Definitely more and more of these getting out there... At least the 4 link rear kit. I'm also curious if anyone has their complete kit, interested in how people feel about the shocks.
  18. Options for shocks that aren't as harsh as the Sasquatch ones?

    Right, the Bilsteins are widely known for their digressive valving which makes for a firmer ride on small transitions... In the Jeep world we used to say that with Bilsteins, if you run over a quarter, you can feel whether it's heads or tails. Nobody has put the OEM Squatch Billies on a shock...
  19. Great video explaining Wheel offset, backspacing and scrub radius and why one should NOT run zero & negative offset wheels

    Black Rhino has a significant number of options in +12. That's probably my favorite fitment for the bronco. If sticking with 35's, anything with +25 to +18 is great. I cringe when people want negative offset, specifically on the Bronco, because it isn't needed.