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  1. Bronco price increased again!

    Ive had all I can take at this point....called my dealer and canceled my order for good. It was over 1.5 year of waiting (some of you longer than that). Just cannot live life like this and have never see such a horrible product launch in my life...and yet we live in a world where all of...
  2. Bronco Everglades Reveal at Chicago Auto Show + Q&A + Walkaround Videos

    Love the green hues under UV lights. Not a fan of it under sunlighg 100%!!!
  3. Official Debut: Everglades Bronco: Specs, Video, Photos, Pricing, Availability

    Already speaking to my local dealer and there will be a market adjustment “agreed upon by all dealers” for this one. This is coming from a dealer that does not adjust beyond MSRP (including my current order and others who took delivery)…so not sure. I’m on the list now so we will see.
  4. ADV Bronco Hardtop Pricing ANNOUNCED

    What Dave says above is truth. Quotes I saw for Ford MIC was about $2k to paint it right. Looking close to $8-9k for a painted hardtop......no thanks.
  5. Cactus Gray Bronco Raptor Seen From All Angles

    It. Just. Looks. Weird. Cannot find any vibes at all in this model. I just enjoy the non-Raptored Broncos style, proportions, and visual weight so much more.
  6. ADV Bronco Hardtop Pricing ANNOUNCED

    Pass. Appreciate the effort, but pricing reflects a money grab market. I wish they would have looked at longer term pricing strategy than short term. Simply my .02.
  7. Anyone with Everglades 'waiting list' with your dealer?

    I am on a dealer list local to me and sounded like a fairly small list - again dealer list, no deposit, etc. Just on a list to prioritize people who are interested when Everglades order banks open. Anyone else doing this and what are you hearing around process and price?
  8. Request: Carbonized Grey vs Shadow Black pics

    You know at the top of this sub-forum, there is a sticky linking you to all the pics you ever need for these colors….
  9. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    🤮 (no.)
  10. 📈 Bronco January 2022 Sales & Production Numbers: 8,101 Sold / 12,938 Produced

    F’ing A man….I think you just dropped some major logic here….and you have also freaked me out. I feel like I need to find a very dark corner to sit in and think about my reality here….
  11. Everglades Bronco Spotted Rolling Through Texas

    Was thinking the exact same thing. I suspect a late Spring announcement, but who the hell knows.
  12. the blue potato

    Georgia Bronco

    Hardy Ford at MSRP. Averaging about 8 Broncos a month which is decent.
  13. BL/BD MGV vs Leather

    Here's where I netted out with this question....got to drive a manequin last year (BL) with MGV...and was really impressed with surface comfort and stitching. Saw leather and examined that as well. But what was a deciding factor for me for MGV for my BL was the water/rain issues. Ive owned a...
  14. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Matt, was yours an actual ‘retail’ order? Seeing window sticker there…when did you order (or reserve)? This is my build, but dropped MIC.
  15. We have our Eruption Green Badlands, and it is impressive

    Thats great. You now have two, not one, but two Baldlands with MIC's....you are extremely special. Now if you dont mind, I want to go and continue to wait for mine...and all I want is one...the one I ordered and removed my MIC to get it a bit sooner.
  16. the blue potato

    Georgia Bronco

    @awerk66 sorry for another question, but your truck is amazing. The side steps…I think on FEs, there are factory sliders (like with Badlands). The side steps you have there…do they work with the rock sliders? Or replace?
  17. ADV Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 4

    Spot on - This is the only way this will be successful for them....and a price that fits long-term demand (and NOT short term price inflation for demand).
  18. the blue potato

    Georgia Bronco

    Looks amazing! Kind of a dumb question…did you drop ship there or does SOR stock these? Just curious
  19. the blue potato

    Georgia Bronco

    Really wonderful. Thanks for posting. Can you give an overview of the modes you used on the trail? Curious about that exit/entry into the creek….or “crik” lol
  20. [Updated] 300 MIC tops produced per day, but still constrained

    Bronco Nation (yes, those guys) just debunked this thread on YT live…Feel free to close this thread out. MIC still high constraint as of 1/24/22.