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  1. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    2dr here. You can read the rest of the options in the sig. still waiting in production. It’s only been 932 days, so what’s a few more. In all seriousness if I was as incompetent at my job as ford has been at building vehicles people would literally die.
  2. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Got an email from ford but it’s not the one I wanted.
  3. Stuck in Production- Bronco Marketing 800# Any Help?

    Nope. You can call and yell till you’re blue but they (marketing or customer service) don’t know or aren’t able to tell you anything. So I highly doubt these axle code claims floating around. The only thing calling customer service did for me after calling was get me a $100 gift card.
  4. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the trail turn assist feature that blew up a month ago. Something about the rear axle welds were failing on modified Broncos. I also have an in production truck with that feature.
  5. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    +1 for still in production
  6. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Have a tear tag 04/27 only "accessories is the modular bumper. Still says in production.
  7. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Same I’ve been in production since 04/26. Called ford marketing and they gave me an ETA of 5/9-15. Imagine his surprise when I said today’s the 19th. The only useful thing they told me is there is a pending update. I’m about to cross into the 900 days wait club
  8. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    My tracker hasn’t even changed to built. STILL! Modules and tear tag turned on 2 weeks ago. I have no special equipment except maybe the heavy duty bumper? Anyone else still not showing built and have heavy duty bumper?
  9. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Same modules popped on 4-27 with tear tag but tracker hasn’t moved since 4-26. Dealer won’t say anything.
  10. Raptor Front Skid Plate installed on standard Bronco bumper

    Seems easy enough fix. Powder coat the silver if you don’t like it. Buy a bit longer bolt. The skid looks good regardless.
  11. 📬 Scheduling emails are going out now!! (3/2/23)

    It's about time! Reserved December 2020. Reordered twice (changed color once). Dropped the sasquatch package back in November the second time I reordered. Technically didn't qualify for the private offer but called up FoMoCo and got my certificate. And finally a build date.