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  1. My dealer has a Bronco Raptor for sale - No Markup

    Smackover Motors in Smackover AR Call and ask for Cai - 870-725-3961
  2. SmarterHome Smart Garage Bronco Hoist

    The new SmarterHome or Smart Garage hoist is now showing available for Bronco. For me, it looks like one of the better solutions available, especially for those that don't want something like a TopLiftPros unit taking up space on the floor. The video demonstrates the use of the unit and...
  3. Door hitting body and hood/grille gap

    I'm planning on heading to my dealer to document the issues that I've noticed so far with the 2021 Ford Bronco. The door/body issue is well documented here and I've seen several issues with hood alignment. I sent pictures via email to the service advisor just now and I'm hoping that gives them a...

    For sale: 2021 FORD BRONCO X-ACT CONTOUR® FLOOR LINERS item numbers: 55941 and 55951 This listing is for the front and rear Husky X-act Contour Floor Liners I had the factory liners when I picked up the Bronco but wanted to try these. They offer great coverage but are a little slippy on the...
  5. Review: Husky X-act Contour Mats (2nd row) with Washout/Rubberized Floor

    When I ordered my Bronco, I wasn't sure what mat choices would be available so I ordered it with the factory Ford rubberized mats. Even after other options became apparent, I kept the factory mats with the order just because they looked fine and I could always add different mats for not too much...
  6. Touch-up paint code for front and rear steel bumpers

    Thanks to the slinging rocks and no mud flaps, I have a few rock chips in the rear bumper. Since it's a steel bumper, I wanted to get them covered before any rust can set in. Does anyone know what the paint codes are for these bumpers?
  7. B&O sound system front speakers - component or coaxial?

    Are the front speakers (dash) in the lux package component or coaxial? I can't really find any information to verify what exactly is up there. I know on the base sound system, they use a 4" but the diagrams posted here by others suggest that it might contain some type of component setup.
  8. Seating position feedback?

    I wanted to go to the Jeep dealership yesterday so I could get a better feel for what I think the interior dimensions will be in the new Bronco. On the way there, I also stopped by the Ford dealership to look at colors. While there, I hopped in the driver's seat of the Ranger and did the same in...