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  1. Mabett Magnetic Phone Holder for Ford Bronco Available! Now Only $25.99!

    Go to checkout and you’ll see the $14 discount.
  2. Ophir Pass, CO - Badge of Honor (Oct 2023) with Bronco Black Diamond

    Thinking Jeep needed to have some easy trails in order to boost some people confidence. That was my wife’s 1st off roading trail when she had her grand cherokee trailhawk. Her 2nd trail that weekend was Black Bear lol and then she finished the weekend driving the alpine loop. Now she wants to...
  3. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    And people paid how much for these tops? That taping job they did prior to painting is horrific.
  4. Wife's B&O overhaul - m0bridge, speakers, stealthbox & more

    UPDATE - After hearing back from Fraser, I've decided to move away from the JL 4" & 6.5" speakers and go w/ a component setup in the front using Audiofrog GS series speakers. Direction I'm heading now is: Dash Center - leaving as is or unplugging A-Pillar (below airbag) - Audiofrog GS10 (2...
  5. Wife's B&O overhaul - m0bridge, speakers, stealthbox & more

    Wife is now on her 2nd Bronco now at this point since Dec 2021 (#1 MY21 4dr BL w/ Lux package & replaced w/ #2 MY23 4dr BL w/ Lux package) and she has been hounding me to rip out the B&O POS system and overhaul the sound system, but I knew our plan was to replace the ’21 for the ’23 so I put it...
  6. Mabett Under Seat Vent Deflectors Available Now!

    All of you guys are aware that Ford has restricted the airflow to the rear under-the-seat vents and no matter what you do the under-the-seats will not improve the airflow coming out of the vents themselves right?
  7. Auto Start Stop eliminator

    It was nice being able to disable the start/stop in our previous '21 bronco via Forscan but unfortunately our '23 doesn't allow it. I'm not a fan of tying up the OBD2 port with the start/stop eliminator which is why I haven't purchased the aftermarket solution. I've had the ASS permanently...
  8. Little to nonair flow on floor setting.

    People were bitchin that they couldnt believe none of the Bronco demo/display models had rear vents. So Ford addressed that in 4 doors by just slapping some vents under the seats and connecting the tubes to the system up front. Apparently people were supposed to say that they couldn’t believe...
  9. FordPeformance/ARB compressor review: good enough for 90% of users! [maybe 95%]

    Completely slipped my mind for some reason that some of the Broncos had the smaller tires. Even with the wife’s previous BL having the 33” KO2 tires and probably why I didnt gripe about airing those up at the time. But w/ this BL squatch, my truck, jeep & offroad camper trailer, all have 35” tires.
  10. FordPeformance/ARB compressor review: good enough for 90% of users! [maybe 95%]

    And here I was complaining out loud last week, when I had to air back up a couple different times over the course of a few days, that my portable ARB twin compressor filling up (2) 35” tires at a time was slower than molasses and why I love the co2 setup in my jeep lol. i couldnt even imagine...
  11. Anyone add additional support for the BAM Rail?

    I ordered during their initial preorder a couple years back. When it arrived, I was impressed with the quality but after running it for a week and making multiple adjustments to stop the flexing and noise it was making, I removed it, boxed it back and its been on a shelf in the garage ever...
  12. Rattling passenger rear window in hardtop

    Wonder if this is whats creating a noise on my wife’s ‘23 and has been since I picked it up w/ 8 miles on the odometer. For the life of me I havent been able to chase down the noise and even checked the torque on all bolts in the rear.
  13. 2.7 Towing MPG

    Without towing, the wife's '23 2.7 4dr BL squatch, hard top averages 18mpg combined city/highway. When I'm behind the wheel, I average 19mpg combined city/highway. Me towing our 3200lb offroad camper trailer averages 15.5-16mpg highway and I live in CO so everywhere we tow it is via mountain...
  14. Just another alternative when mounting your brake controller.

    Why would someone adjust the dial in an emergency situation? In an emergency and lets say the trailer is swaying on the highway and you’re wanting to get the trailer under control, you wouldn't adjust the dial. You would use the manual override option and push the dial so it applies the trailer...
  15. Viair 7 pin Adapter

    And the heavy duty 12v compressor isnt meant to have to run 20’ either to its connection at the battery and thinner gauge wires. I always jump up to thicker gauge wiring because of voltage drop for longer runs.
  16. Just another alternative when mounting your brake controller.

    Reason that I put the dial on the center console is I can adjust the dial or manually apply the trailer brakes without moving my right arm. Having it tucked up in there where you placed it would have someone reaching/leaning forward and adjusting their line of sight out the windshield as they...
  17. Katzkin seat center console switch location picture request

    If it were me, I’d put the switch on the side of the seat for aesthetic purposes and cleaner look.
  18. MetalCloak - Bronco Armor feedback / /reviews?

    As much as I love the MC quality parts on my jeep…I too am waiting to hear solid feedback on MC products installed on the Bronco before I pull the trigger on any MC undercarriage protection.
  19. Viair 7 pin Adapter

    There is no way that I would feel comfortable running my viair 400p (spare) compressor, which draws close to 30A, and definitely not my twin ARB (main) compressor, which draws upwards of 35A, off the oem 7pin wiring. I do have the option to run my viair compressor off the rear of my tow...
  20. Bestop soft top money pit 🫤

    I have no idea what you’re talking about and the issues. Replaced the oem soft top with the Bestop soft top after owning our ‘21 4dr BL for 1 week. Wife ran the bestop for 2.5yrs until I removed it and reinstalled the oem top in late June before trading the ‘21 in for our new ‘23 4dr BL. Yes...