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  1. MPG-what am I doing wrong?

    Thats your problem, you believed the nonsense.
  2. Bestop Skyrider - Installation Video and Review by Owner ✅

    Yes the Skyrider was awesome no issues. Im actually using the Trektop now, same functionality but looks 100x better. And safari mode is awesome. Both are great options depending what you want.
  3. Bronco seats uncomfortable?

    Most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever owned, by far. Only here to add that so you don’t feel you’re the only one. I’ll probably try these seat jackers others are talking about. Can’t make it any worse.
  4. B&O system full upgrade with Plugnplaykits #17

    It's well documented on this forum that the 8" kicker sub needs the plastic trim ring removed to fit in the stock enclosure.
  5. Initial Thoughts / Review on Mickey Thompson Baja Legend EXP Tires for Sasquatch Bronco

    Nice write up. It amazes me how loud the GYs are for a pretty boring AT tire. And the rock throwing, holy hell. I only have 11k miles on them but they will be gone soon.
  6. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    The volume knob should have immediate obvious affect. I would double check all the plugs and make sure they are fully inserted. I seem to remember the plug on the knob itself taking a bit of force to fully seat.
  7. Installed the Ford Procal tune, and I am both ecstatic, and pissed off.

    Ya, like how many Broncos would Ford sell if there was a premium fuel requirement 😂
  8. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Good point, and one that often gets overlooked these days. Reminds me of a guy around here who was doing a "expert level review" and his source audio was SiriusXM :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: 😂
  9. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Yes the three connectors to the right are for the tow module I do not have. If you know what your looking at, you can tell I tapped into them for my Curt tow harness. Not sure what the module circled is for, I seem to remember thinking some wireless sensors were connected, like for keyless...
  10. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    It’s the best you’re gonna do with tiny speakers. You think it’s bright now, the Focals up front will make your ears bleed at 22.
  11. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    If you got the 4 ohm follow the instructions that came with the sub for wiring in parallel.
  12. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    You talking about the sub input wires? You need to connect them both. Assuming your using the same ohm sub I did, you connect one set of wires from the amp, then jumper across to the other input.
  13. CarPlay google maps gets stuck in 2/3 screen:

    Same issue for a couple months on Iphone. If I force close the google maps App on iphone it works normally again for a while.
  14. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    If your really interested google Ford B&O system bass roll off. Lots of info out there on F150 and mustang forums. Not something you can Forscan away IIRC.
  15. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Right. The difference between the sub and kick panel channels is the DSP artificially eases up on bass for the sub channel at high volumes, to hide the inadequacy of the factory sub. In my testing I could only detect this a bit at volumes in the 20s. So I did not bother making the switch...
  16. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Either way will be fine. Most of us just used the sub inputs for convenience. If your not looking to shake the neighborhood with volume level above 21, you will not notice a difference at all. This upgrade path is based on easy upgrade, with marginal cost and high return. If your looking for...
  17. Rear seatbelts flapping with top off -- how to fix?

    Huge oversite on Fords part. I bought some clips years ago when I first got the Bronco, forget what vendor had them, but the adhesive doesn't stick to the Bronco very well and have to redo it all the time.
  18. myTop Electric Automatic Retracting Top made for the Bronco!

    Hey look at that, a plastic window that is designed to flex and fold, that doesn't look like a soggy diaper! We were led to believe that was technically impossible :ROFLMAO: