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  1. Modular black top availability?

    Hey guys. I used to be super active here but haven't logged in since mid 2023. I check every now and then to see how the mod scene is coming along Anyway I have a 21 year bronco and the only thing I want to make it complete is the modular black hard drop. A top that as we know, was a major FAIL...
  2. Anyone have the napier sportz tent?

    My 200k points to just came in for Ford not delivering on the mod top. So naturally my pockets are on fire. I want to order this. Reviews seem great from jeep owners who have it. Wonder how securely they fit on Broncos. Pictures highly welcomed and encouraged!!
  3. Happy medium? 275/70/r18 on OBX

    So I went from wildtrak modular top to a soft top obx in an effort to get my Bronco asap. I was hooked on the marketed cgi renders and achieving that look. Example here: When I test drove the obx, I loved it but the tires appeared a bit skinny. It just didnt have the look that I was enamored...
  4. Non-sas Suspension quality [question]

    Anybody here enough of a car enthusiast or auto mechanic to know the differences in suspensions' quality? Anyone able to go into detail how good the quality is of the stock (or non SAS) Bronco suspension kit? Much ado about the SASQUATCH's suspension but not everyone is getting saaquatch, so...
  5. Molle grate for swing gate question

    https://accessories.ford.com/kit-stowage-pocket-vm2dz-54407b00-a.html#2021/Bronco Does anyone know if the molle grate system includes molle bags? Or does that have to be purchased separately? Edit nvm... found this thread that answers it for me...
  6. [Warning] Its not free to cancel, nor alter your date for Bronco Off-Rodeo

    So this is just a warning for those who rushed to book off rodeo when they opened up the other locations and didn't read the fine lines. I booked early September. The wife reminded me that we have something that weekend. So I emailed off rodeo HQ to move my date to early October to a time when...
  7. Another test drive impression

    So I'll put my thoughts in bullets Went with the wife and she didn't feel "safe". Felt like it might roll over. Now she drives a BMW x3 and had a Mazda suv prior to this one. Both smooth rides. She also holds on for dear life anytime I'm behind the wheel I ordered a sas 2.7 obx. This was a obx...
  8. How do I build a 2-door that comes really really close to the fishing concept?

    B6G buds, help me out here. Now that my Bronco was pushed to MY22 due to me wanting the black mod with the Wildtrak, my mind has begun to wander [like a cheating spouse] from the 4dr WT and I'm SERIOUSLY going to consider other builds and configurations. I'm even flirting with the idea of a 2...
  9. Bronco Specialist Says 2021 Bronco MPG May Be Comparable to Expedition

    A Bronco specialist did an AMA on reddit. I asked him about mpg. Nothing official released yet, but he heard that it's comparable to an Expedition. That, to me, is satisfactory considering the size He didn't distinguish between sas vs. Non sas. I'm going to assume this is for the non sas.
  10. MY22 changes predictions

    Curious what you guys think will be changed for MY22 My predictions: Wildtrak will get the all black interior FE now has Obx interior options will get some serious love New roof rails (less a prediction; pretty much confirmed) Green for exterior (confirmed) Option for cooled seats
  11. Blackened License Plate

    Saw this on ig. Derives from bronconation How do I get an all blacked out raised license plate like that? Is this for test vehicles only? I feel like I gotta have it
  12. Will you stick around ... ?

    ...after your bronco is in your driveway; will you still frequent B6G? If so, why? If not, how come?
  13. Changing your own oil?

    I'm sitting at a pep boys right now with an hour-long wait, to get my oil changed. I know with the Bronco, I want to change my own oil For those of you planning to change your own Bronco's oil, do you plan to just slide under there and figure it out yourself? Or will you let the techs do it...
  14. This reminded me of you guys 😂

  15. How "all out" are you going with accessories ?

    Choosing not to finance all these accessories. But here's my list. It's a lot. I'll probably remove things over time as I prioritize my money to other important life things. But this is how I envision me using my Bronco at least over the next 3 years Besides the tow, tailgate and speakers...
  16. Speaker locations?

    Haven't seen this discussed much Are these the speaker locations? @618TRVLWILD
  17. Custom graphics are pricey

    I asked a local south jersey shop to quote me a range for adding just a simple black vinyl stripe to my future Ford Bronco. Idk why, but I was expecting in the 400 dollar range. Boy was I wrong. He asked for a mockup. I provided my crude mockup and below is his response. For those...
  18. ? Preview look at the Air Design Bronco door moldings accessory

    So now that my order is in, I took another look at the Bronco accessories guide to see what I may want to add to my vehicle. I've been intrigued by the door moldings.... ? I went looking on air designs website, and noticed they had an active Instagram account. Sleuthing through their ig, I...
  19. Cargo size of 2-door vs 4-door

    I'm ordering the cargo area fridge accessory.. Kinda sorta considering dropping from a 4dr to a 2dr. Does anyone know if that disqualifies me for the fridge ?