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  1. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    Just for the record, did my scheduled 3k maintenance on mine yesterday. No sign of water intrusion! (main thing I was concerned about because they were deeply submerged at SMORR!) Fluid looked fine, a reasonable amount of break in dust on the magnets, and catch cans were empty. Pretty...
  2. A New Kind of Portal

    Not if I use 4th gear!
  3. 74Weld Bronco Portals

    Thats the combo I have. I have 2" body lift and eibach lift springs. I have zero rub anywhere, and probably could stuff a 42 (if I did i would get Maxxis stickies for trail use only). If you are gonna do this the advice I can give you is don't overthink the gearing! You will want deeper...
  4. A New Kind of Portal

    I don't see how? My excursion gets 10mpg towing something that heavy, and the Bronco can do 12-13mpg highway if I am careful about managing my cruise. Biggest drawback is the small tank...gotta pay attention to fuel stops!
  5. Anyone Have Experience with the Milwaukee M18 Inflator 2848-20?

    I have one and I love it! Do yourself a favor tho, and get 2 of the 12.0 batteries. 8.0 or 9.0 are good for about 1.5 air ups. 12 will do 2 full air ups on my 40s from single digits to 37psi. Always start w/a full battery charge!
  6. A New Kind of Portal

    Not mine! Never been on a trailer, and never will!
  7. Thanks for allowing me to participate...

    Welcome fellow wisconsinite!
  8. 74Weld Bronco Portals

    You use cheap 80w90 for the 1st 200mi, then dump that for break in purposes. Then use the maxima gear lube and change at each oil change interval going forward. I do think that reccommendation is conservative, but I'm gonna stick to it
  9. 760hp 5.2 supercharged (GT500) Predator engine swap Bronco info thread

    Key word there being "was". All gone to the crusher now. If I had one that ran, I would be more likely to mothball it. Times change, and we gotta change with em!
  10. A New Kind of Portal

    I actually thought it was cool on many levels! My favorite part is where he said something to the effect of "we decided not to bother with rear brakes because the rear brakes on these cars don't work anyways". I think if I was gonna do a "portal" riding lawnmower I would use a timing belt...
  11. A New Kind of Portal

    I'm totally gonna do that to my lawnmower!
  12. A New Kind of Portal

    Could you at least comment on Chad's financial situation and dietary habits? These are of great interest to me!🤣
  13. A New Kind of Portal

    Totally OT but you guys just made me remember this:
  14. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    I have Hoss 3.0 rack installed in NON SAS BL. No issues, it's a 2dr tho. Best we have been able to tell all 6g Broncos are 3.5 turns lock to lock...however because the assist motor drives a belt, there MAY be different size pulleys to change "assist ratio". How this would affect steering...
  15. Factory Rear Axle Info

    I have a pair of takeoffs handy if you need any measurements. They are from ELD/Sasquatch. Dont have any open diffs to compare.
  16. Factory Rear Axle Info

    In 2021 you couldn't order a factory roof rack on any 4dr sasquatch. It was the general consensus at the time that adding the sway bar eased engineering concerns about potential rollover stability when weight is added to the roof. Ford AFAIK never released any statement to that effect...but...
  17. Factory Rear Axle Info

    Rear sway bar was added to 22+ 4dr w/sasquatch. AFAIK all housings had the mounting bracket. No LSD on any 6g Bronco. Only width change would be for Raptor which also gets dana 50 (whatever that is)
  18. Bronco Truss System!! Design/installed by LetzRoll Off-Road in AZ

    Got a link to the manufacturer? I would definitely add one of these!
  19. Cannot insert fuel nozzle or the funnel

    EPA mandate. Doesn't have to make sense
  20. 760hp 5.2 supercharged (GT500) Predator engine swap Bronco info thread

    Just don't shoot it if it breaks down...it can be fixed!