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  1. Installed Ford Bronco Brake Controller custom braptor. VM2DZ2C006A

    Finished install of Ford's brake controller system for the Bronco which 100% integrates with a custom Ford firmware so don't use the regular Redrac. Plug n play except I put the module and adjustment knob in a better location. Backside of the bracket below the steering wheel and the light...
  2. Installed Alignment Cam Lockouts

    Got this project done today. These are by BDS Suspension. Bronco is headed to a 4x4 alignment rack on Wednesday. Now I won't have to worry about the alignment moving around which happens when you off road enough in the rocks and/or jump it.
  3. New GOAT Fabrication Rock Sliders on Bronco Raptor

    @GoatFab Picked up the new GOAT rocker sliders with step plates to replace the OEM ones. The Braptor OEM removable steps are awesome and I take them off for off roading but then you loose protection to the rocker door sill area. Now we get the best of both worlds keeping a step. My wife...
  4. Tennessee Sold: VIAIR 450P Automatic Portable Compressor $220

    Only used twice until solutions for on board air were available for the braptors. Like new and in excellent condition, works great. Retails for $315. Selling for $220 shipped via UPS with tracking to lower 48 states ONLY. located in 37803. Doug.
  5. Hot Pepper Red Bronco Raptor teams up with Weld Racing Wheels and Mickey Thompson Tires

    I present you my new daily all around tire setup that I plan to use along with future long distance travel adventures. At some point I will buy some M/T tractor tires for local stuff most likely 38 spec, but until then we have this. I used my racing background with selecting these company's...
  6. Bronco Raptor Solution 4 bike Carrier

    Allen 4 bike foldable and full drop down for tail gates. Used a 2" drop hitch to add a bit more room away from tire will work up or down depending on tire. It works without it with the KO2s but up against camera housing. Room for larger tires. This is a really well made rack for the price...
  7. Added 1.5 Hub Centric Wheel Spacers to Bronco Raptor

    Found an easy solution to keep using the OEM wheels until a later time when there are more options. These are used on the F150 Raptors and fit perfect. Moving the wheel out 1.5 from stock should alleviate any future issues with damaging the flares as they are completely flush from the...
  8. Mountains2Metal Rear Cargo Additions

    Took advantage of a Supercel East deal and bought the whole kit. I got the flip up rear cargo tray installed. Next up I have both side molle plates. They also make a slick new molle ARB compressor molle mount and chuck mount so that will be next once I run the supporting wiring.
  9. RTR ProjectX HP.70 Bronco Lights Installed

    Installed RTRs Project X Bronco lights using HP.70s. These are really nice and won't need anymore lights I can see into the next county. They have built in DRLs too. @RTR Vehicles.
  10. vrtical's Bronco Raptor Mod Journal

    A place to share all the mods completed to my 23 Bronco Raptor in Hot Pepper Red. Born on 12/21/22.
  11. 2023 Bronco Raptor in Hot Pepper Red

    Amazing and it's finally home
  12. Exclusive 900+ Days Club

    For those of us long hauler reservation members, its not a club I really wanted to be in, but yet here we are. My Braptor has been built since 12/21, but you know how this ride goes, its stuck at MAP and not shipped. Last night my shipping window was moved out over two more weeks. No clue...
  13. Bronco Raptor RC Custom Build

    Well about two years ago New Bright came out with a 2 door so I custom converted the body to a Traxxas TRX. Today New Bright has a new Bronco Raptor so I did the same thing but had to put it on a SCX ii so I could do a smaller wheelbase unfortunately the Braptor is a bit smaller and won't we...
  14. The wait is over 2023 Bronco Raptor Scheduled

    I had friend who rolled over reorder get scheduled sent me a message. I have been tied up with work this week so wasnt going to checking until Thursday. Well that wait is over!!!!!! This was my 4th order. Original early day two reservation Badlands which I ordered twice, then convert to...
  15. 2023 Bronco Raptor Build & Price is Up

    If you want to get a jump. https://shop.ford.com/configure/bronco/2023/model/customize/raptor?intcmp=fv-modselect-bb-bpconfig-bronco
  16. Velocity Blue Bronco Raptor In The Wild

    Sharing from one of my MI friends.
  17. Email invite: Exclusive Bronco Off-Road Drive @ Iron Mountain Resort, Dahlonega, GA [March 3-8]

    Got an invitation this morning from Ford.