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  1. Squatch Installs CVF Charge Pipes (Hot & Cold) - "Aluminum Tubes!"

    Okay, so this is less scientific than the CVF Intercooler review. Charge pipes flow better than stock by a nominal 3-4% usually and only become necessary at PSI levels I'm not pushing my Bronco's engine to out of a desire to daily drive it, legally, haha. The CVF Charge Pipes are pretty! I...
  2. Squatch Tests CVF Intercooler for 2.3L 7M Badlands!

    So, @Squatch got the opportunity to test out the CVF intercooler. It took: finding my OBDII reader; not trusting it over Bluetooth; downloading and paying for FORScan; and, careful test track selection. …then, it took a lot of removing aftermarket parts, cursing, bloody knuckles, and more...
  3. Bobby Knight, legend and Bronco6G influencer, dead.

    If you don't know what chair throwing and Bronco6G have in common, then you're new. We should all throw a chair for the contribution to the realization of the sixth generation Ford Bronco that this man made. RIP
  4. All new Electric F-150 Lightning debuts May 19

    https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/electric-f-150-lightning-ev-will-be-revealed-livestream-may-19.3544/ Sorry, just got the email from Ford (or just noticed it). Thoughts? Competition to the Bronco for the fervent electric crowd?
  5. Metro Ford Miami Broncos!!! Rapid Red OBX and Velocity Blue Big Bend

    I don't know what I gotta do to get on that front page reel, but I have 90+ pictures I could vomit on here, lol. Metro Ford Miami event April 3, 2021 Yes!!! They were "real" Broncos! ***There was a Bronco Sport there and it was ignored so hard, I kinda felt bad for it. When I pulled up to...
  6. Texas Winter Affects Vehicle Chip Production

    It definitely affects Tesla chips as Samsung was one of a few shutdown. Price increases are expected, but it's not sure how or if it will affect any vehicle pricing. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/samsung-foundry-austin-blackout-impact *obviously, the people are more important
  7. Ken Block and Ford part ways; is Ford totally out of their minds?

    I understand that they have had a good, long run together, but it seems that it was not an amicable split. Is Farley leading Ford into some sort of "rebuilding year" to force all pf Ford into his personal vision? It really seems as if Ford is heading in a different direction than in decades...
  8. Cobra Kai Season 3 - Binge it all over again?

    Hey, I really like the series and the protagonist/antagonist switch premise. Almost the only good thing on Netflix?
  9. Google and Oracle duking it out in front of SCOTUS

    So, who are you rooting for and why?
  10. Warthog Package?

    What if Ford offered the Warthog Package like the Sasquatch? We've heard that the fenders, not just the flares, are easily removed or replaced and if it's just a punched out 2.7 to 3.0L, then why not? $15000 Warthog Package? Sasquatch could be offered with the manual? Is anybody listening? ;)
  11. Possible new Jeep commercial shot in Colorado at altitude?

    Trent Palmer does drone flying for movies and car commercials and here's the latest at **bleep** Pass around 12-13000ft altitude. It looks like they're getting a shot of an old Cherokee, so maybe it's the new overpriced behemoth Jumbo Cherokee XXL or whatever they're calling it.
  12. Front-only Hardtop Configuration?

    We've seen the middle section (4-door) can be removed by itself and the front section (both) can be removed, but can you just leave the front section/s on with no other hardtop pieces to look like other Bronco gens? I assume so on the 4-door if you can take out the middle only, but I couldn't...
  13. August 1st + No Build and Price = Apocalypse?

    What are the odds that you'll keep calm should "the worst" happen?
  14. Is Ford working on the website live???