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  1. I Need Soft top brackets, HELP?

    You could easily fabricate the missing brackets with flat stock, nuts/bolts and spacers/washers to get by.
  2. Auto-High-Beams are Enough for “Reasonable Suspicion”

    Great feature. They turn on and off slowly. Very predictable as to when they turn on and off.
  3. Rules are rules

    And just now!
  4. Rules are rules

    I have a soft spot for Mavericks. Had a Lariat and have an XL on the way. Parked next to this one recently. Daughter and I send each other pics of Broncos and Mavs for the past few years for fun
  5. Stuffin’ a 2dr -- what have you stuffed into your 2 door Bronco?

    This 2 door owner needed more doors.
  6. Lug nuts questions

    Clean off the rust and spray with Griots 3in1 ceramic wax few times a year. Actually use it on everything.
  7. Sas flares or no?

    I prefer non SAS as long as poke is kept to about an inch.
  8. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    I can’t even log into the site. Poor Ford. Sign in and get this.
  9. Soft top window replacement options?

    I’m all for just the canvas, no clear.
  10. Bronco Raptor at Costco! Big Savings -$2,400 off MSRP

    Bronco is a pretty cool vehicle and I love mine. I question the 55k ish price for them. At 93k you could consider them a POS. Not that it is, but for 93k you are the quality just isn’t there.
  11. Window Seal Rubber -Raised Gap

    That would drive me insane
  12. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    Only thing missing on the 2.3 is the trail assist or whatever it’s called where engine is used to control descent instead of brakes. Otherwise 2.3 is impressive. If I towed a lot or climbed long steep sand dunes maybe the 2.7. In reality there isn’t a big bad ass motor available for the Bronco.
  13. Fixing interior scratches?

    Bronco and Maverick issue. Real shame. You can try heat in less conspicuous areas as it can make area a little glossy where heated. I lighter works well.
  14. Will 5 tires fit in the back of a Bronco?

    I am 100% certain. A soft top is 60 inches wide. They come shipped in back. I bought one and put it back there. 5 12 inch wide tires would fit. I just purchased a 3 burner with side burner grill and it fit in the back with seats up.
  15. Rear camera stayed on

    While driving. Reset radio fixed it. Will this become common now that it started?
  16. Explain traction control please

    Tried cycling
  17. Explain traction control please

    It doesn’t appear to do any good. I can keep my Bronco on a sideways drift as long as I care to stay on the gas when it’s wet. I purposely tested it today.
  18. I love AIG Off-Road Products but....

    Not referring to my reply are you?
  19. Explain traction control please

    Please explain what traction control does. In wet roads my Badlands will spin the rear’s as long as you stay in the gas on wet pavement. I know Fords definition and use of brakes. But it doesn’t appear to work. Thanks. It’s easier to ask than search.