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  1. Can a Photoshop Guru Help Me Out?

    I am hoping someone can render a specific wheel on my bronco, as I can’t find any specific pics posted online. I’m looking to get the Titanium Rebound Pro. There’s plenty of black options out there, but I haven’t seen titanium on a Cactus grey. If you can help out it would be much appreciated...
  2. Had a fancy leather suit made for the key fob!

    Found this dude on Etsy who makes leather key fob covers and had him make me one for my bronco. I don’t have it in hand yet but it looks like it turned out amazing! Here’s the link if you’re interested: https://etsy.me/3Gs2VKn Tell him Stacy sent you and you shouldn’t have to pay to get the...
  3. First Edition Graphics Are A PAIN To Remove!!!

    Has anyone taken the reflective graphics off of an FE? Do you have any tips? Warm or cold, the graphics just disintegrate if you try to peel them off. Think license plate tabs, that’s basically the same material these are made of and do not want to come off. please, if you have removed some...
  4. Black Friday Sales on Tires & Wheels?

    Does anyone know of any sales going on for tires & wheels? (I’m specifically looking for Icon wheel discounts). Post any deals that you are aware of!
  5. Girl Talk

    No @Newraptor allowed!
  6. Washington What happened to Wide Open Roads T-Shirts??

    Did I miss something? I presume @Wide Open Roads received a cease and desist order or something? All the cool merch they designed is MIA and they aren’t responding to DM’s.
  7. Washington Bronco hammock wanted

    You love em or hate em, I happen to love em. Mine was delivered by FedEx but my cameras say otherwise. Yes I've contacted both FedEx and Ten10, doesn't appear that I will be getting a replacement. If someone is willing to sell me one at a reasonable price (I know many of you hate the damn thing)...
  8. POLL! Did You Change Your Build To Get An Earlier Delivery?

    After reading a bunch of comments about forum members changing their order, I thought it would be interesting to see some actual numbers. After seeing the reports in the 8/19 scheduled thread, it looks like it's working! Let me know if there should be an option I missed.
  9. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    I figured I would create our very own thread where we can commiserate like in the other threads. I know there were a bunch of us, FE and others. Post any changes as you see them... Our turn is coming soon! Here's where we currently stand courtesy of @mpeugeot! 0809 BLEND 6815 - @Tricky Dick...
  10. Order change after assigned VIN/Scheduled?

    My apologies, I've seen this discussed in detail within other threads but I can't find them for the life of me. I remember people saying they were able to make order changes after being scheduled, but had to talk to someone higher than dealer level? I've tried to mention Levine on Twitter but...
  11. 4 Wheel Parts 4WP Fender Delete Arrived

    Just got the fender deletes in the mail from 4WP. In case anyone is curious what they look like, I'll post some pics. They appear to be nice quality with a decent powder coat finish. Stickers are Grey instead of red like shown on the product page but I think it'll match better with CG.
  12. Any recommendations for 24/7 video surveillance?

    I'm looking at getting a camera setup to monitor the rig while it's parked. In a perfect world, it would mimic the tesla setup where each door is monitored and front/rear. I have been ran into twice at work, once when my car was only 2 months old, and door dinged multiple times. I was able to...
  13. What are all the "freebies" we should get with an FE??

    I know we're too get a bunch of rewardpass points, a $500 discount and I think a few other points? I would like to have it all figured out in advance so that I'm not scrambling after I take delivery. Is there someone more organized than me who has a list of everything? Screenshots etc would be...
  14. There will be less than 7,000 FE's per Ford

  15. Your great great great grandkids might thank you

  16. Well, at least they've got the template ready to go