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  1. Is PPF Wrap Worth it?

    Depends if you’re actually going to go offroad and what type of trails. Definitely gives you protection against tree branches and shrubs and gives “some” protection against rocks. I’ve had a rock damage the paint on the panel under the front grill on a windy day driving out to Moab even with ppf.
  2. What bumper is this? (answer: SVC Offroad)

    @SVCOFFROAD https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/updated-photos-of-svc-baja-bumper-%F0%9F%94%A5%F0%9F%94%A5%F0%9F%94%A5.36631/ https://svcoffroad.com/collections/ford-bronco-off-road-parts/products/2021-ford-bronco-baja-bumper
  3. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Very true. I know the armadillo guys are right now at the Super Cel, but I had already emailed them with some questions including lead time. so we'll see.
  4. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Agreed. I work in construction so my biggest thing is transparency and communication. As previously mentioned, the beta top is awesome that my friend has. Unfortunately, ADV hasn't been able to ship any tops out to first batch reservation holders. If they had communicated better and mentioned...
  5. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    For me if the schedule pushes one more time with no firm date (I’ve been told late May-Mid June now for Batch 1) I may go towards Armadillos square back even though I’d be paying significantly more. I do like how quiet it is inside but there are a few things about the armadillo top that I wish...
  6. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I wheel with one of the testers so I get to see the ADV one in person and see how it’s held up and I am impressed. I also like the look of the adv one the best out of all of the options , but the armadillo designs square back one is starting to grow on me too. The obvious struggle adv has had is...
  7. Fixing interior scratches?

    Yeah unfortunately the plastic interior will scratch if you sneeze on it. Don’t think there’s much you can do to make it completely go away. But stickerfab may have a vinyl to cover it if it bothers you.
  8. Portals and Pro-X update

    I’ve been eyeing that Rock Krawler ProX for the last month but great to hear the feedback. Something possible in my long term plans :)
  9. RIP O.J.

    At KoH I was sitting on top of a hill to watch the race with my friends. I parked my Bronco at the bottom of the hill and saw this white vehicle from a distance coming in our direction. As it got closer, I was like “hey look OJ came to visit!” It wasn’t OJ obviously haha
  10. Harbor Freight badlands jack mount

    So for my set up based on my lift which is from attributed to Kings (I have it set to near the minimum so roughly 3" from Sasquatch height) I have the following items from Safe Jack: 12 Ton Flat Jack Pad: 37M-SJAF12 12 Ton 6" Universal Lift Pad: 37M-SJR612 12 Ton Extension Collar: 37M-ESC12 12...
  11. Harbor Freight badlands jack mount

    Yup but once I lifted mine… the scissor jack became useless so I just bought a 12t pro lift off Amazon and the safe jack items
  12. Harbor Freight badlands jack mount

    Agreed with this. In addition since I’m lifted I also bought the safe jack extensions and pads. You can buy the whole kit from safe jack or save a few bucks buying the bottle jack from Amazon.
  13. Ford Performance Tune Dealer Install Issue

    It takes 30 min to do the install tops which includes the time for the tech to walk back and forth to the computer and me setting up the account and linking the voucher code. Most they should be charging you is for 1 hour. I paid 150 for my install at the dealership.
  14. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    In a previous post I think I mentioned that I was speculating ADV to receive the first batch of tops sometime this month and then would start shipping out sometime in May. All a guess however… but this was around when they sent the email regarding the order status which happened to be around...
  15. Bubbling Dash

    Did you use any product to clean it? Harsh chemicals may damage it
  16. Installed the Ford Procal tune, and I am both ecstatic, and pissed off.

    Just as Cux211 said… it’s 30 minutes start to finish to do. They should only be charging you for 1 hour realistically. For warranty purposes though… it’s better to go to a dealership so the paperwork is there that a ford dealer installed it versus trying to get proof from an outside shop with an...
  17. My soft shackle failure experience 🤕 -- The Off-Road Recovery That Almost Killed Me

    I know... just sad that people these days just have no attention span to take the time to learn. Someone could very well wind up in the same exact situation and have an expensive US made soft shackle to have that potentially fail too. Then who are they going to blame? Your video gives great...
  18. My soft shackle failure experience 🤕 -- The Off-Road Recovery That Almost Killed Me

    your video is getting traction all over different offroad groups. of course no one wants to watch the video and are making a ton of assumptions. nice to know someone out there could replicate this because they didn't take the time to watch and learn. by the way, i appreciate you responding to...
  19. My soft shackle failure experience 🤕 -- The Off-Road Recovery That Almost Killed Me

    @popo_patty just glad you’re okay. As many have mentioned, a lot can be learned from this especially considering how many new people there are to off roading. Again just happy to hear you’re okay.