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  1. A New Kind of Portal

    All I see is portals make it a trailer rig.
  2. Horsey Bronco logo on dashboard

    I feel like you need to paint the Horsey Toe Nails an accent color to really make it pop!
  3. Differential upgrade questions.

    Might as well chime in on this one. If you kill a M190 you should upgrade, your getting better CV axles and a stronger front ring gear. Fixing the M190 or M190 CV axle is just wasting money, I got another 5k miles out of my front after swapping in a new cv. I drove 1.5k miles on a broken...
  4. A New Kind of Portal

    Grease monkey forgot a washer? Probably killed a CV axle as they don't like to be over extended. We won't get the whole story, just like we get limited perspective from BB Videos. Smoke and Mirrors to get clicks and views.
  5. Wide vs Narrow Tires for offroad performance -- a scientific comparison

    Multiple reasons to select a tire, location and use are number one. Here locally its 37x13.5R17 because it the biggest you can run reliable at this time.
  6. A New Kind of Portal

    A guy bought $25k in portals and need to re-program the tire size is the short version. Long version is pay for install if you can't use FDRS or Forscan. Broncbuster portals may have the same issue, but @tmason10 has way more first hand experience. He has done most of what I have to broncos and...
  7. A New Kind of Portal

    The electronics issue is 1 bronco, it was a real event. Was an interesting glimpse into the future modification issues for the manual transmission people.
  8. OJ's Bronco For Sale

    My dad had a 90s white bronco and people would drive up and ask if he had seen OJ lately? Was pretty funny for a while, then it got lame. Times have probably cooled down enough but every white bronco is still the OJ special now. Hard pass, no historical value.
  9. A New Kind of Portal

    I tend to use to much hot sauce on vehicles when I don't like the owner. I will never purposely mess up a repair but it may be permanent.
  10. A New Kind of Portal

    The best seat in the house!
  11. A New Kind of Portal

    Just low enough quality footage you can't tell. Also looked like there is something like a bushing still on in a few glimpses. Just more click bait and no showing what actually failed.
  12. A New Kind of Portal

    I feel like this is the best place for this gem. 74Weld has had issues, just not everything is public or upfront. Not like we got the low down on what actually happens.
  13. California HOSS 2.0 Steering Rack & Tie Rods

    I am interested at $100, otherwise ignore the offer.
  14. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS ...Ford Performance M-3200-WT

    @jh3113 Easiest way is taking it out and apart. Then simply welding a nut on the end (muffler shop) will free it up due to the heat. FYI your fine to drive it as is for a while, just no wheeling or jumping speed bumps.
  15. A New Kind of Portal

    Completely different process from sand casting iron. Literally you can 3d print a part, sand cast it and pour in iron. I think the cast iron part is awesome! There are negatives due to weight and material properties but for cost cutting it's a legitimate solution. I don't have enough background...
  16. Front Drive Unit Swap (M190 to M210) - In Depth DIY Video

    Yes it was partially stripped, was most likely over torqued at the factory. I fully expect you to enjoy wrenching on @NORCALGXP bronco at the end of the month. His bronco seems to always have that one off pain in the butt thing come up.
  17. Ford Bronco DR Test Drive! This thing is INSANE! - Gabby Downing

    Nope, just poking at the YouTuber's choice of screen shot for the video cover. If they had chosen a pink racing suit I might have been included to think they weren't trying to get watches based on looks. Content creators can edit YouTube comments, here it can stay and everyone can comment...
  18. Ford Bronco DR Test Drive! This thing is INSANE! - Gabby Downing

    Can't watch, I have issues with female youtubers and not wearing clothes for views. My 9 & 7 year old nieces think this is "Onlyfans" and I side with them on it being the same.
  19. Front Drive Unit Swap (M190 to M210) - In Depth DIY Video

    If you rip off the plastic drain you can get in from the top side with the right socket, combination of multiple extensions and wobblers. I bought a 22mm crows foot and that didn't work on the V6. The easiest way was just to cut the bolt off with a small grinder.
  20. Front Drive Unit Swap (M190 to M210) - In Depth DIY Video

    The upper mount is a pain on a V6 Bronco, its got this thing called a catalytic converter in the way.