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  1. PRICE DROP - Finally a Front License Plate bracket solution - order yours today

    Look at the first page of this thread.
  2. New in SE Michigan!

    Welcome. There’s lots of good information and knowledgeable folks on this forum.
  3. Bronco Super Celebration - DelMarPa Heritage Edition Broncos

    I was thinking the same thing!
  4. Hello! I'm Michael from Manchester, UK

    I spent some time in England about 40 years ago. Went from London to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, down to Ipswich and then over to Cambridge then back down to London. Was driving a Ford Fiesta with a 1 liter motor and a 5 speed paddle. I remember driving on the M1 scared the crap out of me...
  5. Hello! I'm Michael from Manchester, UK

    Welcome Michael. 2 doors is the way! But they are the same width as the 4 door but shorter in length.
  6. Newbies

    That might explain why I didn’t know! Spelling has never been my high points as most of you have seen by now!
  7. Newbies

    Wait…..There’s a search function? 🤷‍♂️
  8. A New Kind of Portal

    That’s what this forum is all about. You’ve done more than your fair share regarding gearing. My sharing of gearing would make most gear designers cringe! My trick of mixing .4 module and 64 pitch gears so you can mate a metric motor to an ansi shaft is one nobody likes! But it works in my...
  9. A New Kind of Portal

    It’s the nickel content in the 300 series (18-8)that gives it the non magnetic properties and the anti corrosive properties.
  10. A New Kind of Portal

    300 series SS is mostly non magnetic. It can become slightly magnetic when cold worked. Using a NdBFe magnet, it’s pretty easy to tell. The file is for the hardness. Most of the 400 series SS is hardened to a certain degree although you can get it in an annealed state but most don’t . more...
  11. A New Kind of Portal

    We run into this more and more. We source a lot of parts off shore and comes in with a signed PPAP and everyone thinks its gospel. It's amazing what you can tell with a small file and a magnet. I just bought a replacement warming rack for my grill. Say's it's stainless steel. First thing I...
  12. A New Kind of Portal

    This ^^^^ We had some bronze bearings pressed into a slow rotating wheel. Failed after 2000 hours. Asked for the certificate of conformance on the bearing. Came back as specified. Looked at with an Electron Microscope and an Energy Dispersive Spectrometer. Wrong a roni! Was 300 series...
  13. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    It’s a pretty cool car. They made very few of them. It was a survivor until recently when my brother upgraded to disc brakes and had to loose the 14 inch wheels and covers. A raccoon happened to get inside when the roof quit working and made a mess out of the interior. Fortunately, he was in...
  14. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I’m hoping I’m still around and still have mine! Thanks to Albert and @Zach@Granger!
  15. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Funny, I never get tired of the “got it at Granger” picture either! :cool:
  16. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    I feel like I’m getting old. I remember when my grandfather got his and gave my dad his 57 retractable hardtop. I wish that white Mustang was still in the family!
  17. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    I think I'd rather have it on the frame but I'll take a closer look tonight to give you a better answer.
  18. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    It was pretty breezy here too. I’ve seen othe complaints about it but never realized it was that obnoxious. Once you got over 35 mph it was unbearable for me. Did you take you top off complete or did you remove the gunners hatch a windows first? I think next time I might leave them on and...
  19. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Ya beat me by 9k!