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  1. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    Received this today from Ford, thought it might be able to help if there's anyone on the fence: Your special offer is ready to roll. Save 25% on select Ford Wheels Accessories this spring.* Here’s a great opportunity to upgrade your vehicle. Shop Ford Accessories now and save. Use this code at...
  2. Ford offering $1000 to Jeep owners who buy a Bronco (Jeep Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash offer)

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a46525365/ford-offers-1000-to-jeep-owners-who-buy-a-bronco/ Ford Offering $1000 to Jeep Owners Who Buy a Bronco JAN 24, 2024 Ever since the Ford Bronco returned to the market for the 2021 model year, the off-road SUV has had its sights squarely set on the...
  3. Corsa dual tip on 2.3 manual -- installed sound clip

    Added the Corsa dual tip over the weekend, there's not allot of user videos posted so here's a quick listen. At idle and cruise its just a little louder than stock but as you can tell once you dip into it you hear it! So far I'm loving it, was looking for something on the louder side and this...
  4. Galpin’s Retro-Inspired Bronco Heads To SEMA

    Didn't see this posted anywhere: https://www.carscoops.com/2023/10/galpins-retro-inspired-bronco-is-coming-to-sema-and-you-can-buy-it/
  5. 04/17/2023 Build Week

    Bounced from 4/10 and didn't see one posted for 4/17. The spreadsheet was already out there and the link is posted below. Everyone knows the drill, please update when you can and welcome all! Bronco Build Week 4-17-2023
  6. Ford ranks 29th on '23 JD Power Dependability Study

    From Ford Authority: https://fordauthority.com/2023/02/ford-ranked-well-below-average-in-2023-dependability-study/ Last year, Ford averaged 188 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), which ranked it above the industry average of 192 problems per 100 vehicles, as well as 16th among all automotive...
  7. New Ford Authority Heritage Edition Pics - Robins Egg Blue or Cactus Gray?

    Ford Authority posted some new HE pics, they're stating its Robins Egg Blue but I'm going to say Cactus Gray since it's on the standard HE trim vice the Limited. https://fordauthority.com/2023/01/2023-ford-bronco-heritage-two-door-in-robins-egg-blue-pics/
  8. Everglades wheel sets are now available on Ford Performance Parts site

    https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-1007K-P1785E M-1007K-P1785E Retail $1,550.00 Sold in Units of Five Pack (5) Instruction Sheet Not Available...
  9. FTC Extending Public Comment Period for Unfair/Deceptive Fees (Matter # R207011) until Jan 9th, 2023

    All, Always lots of unfair and deceptive dealer talk on here but you can help the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) actually make a difference and submit a formal comment...
  10. Shadow Black standard Heritage Edition 2-door Bronco spotted

    I spoke too early on another thread that we hadn't seen any Heritage Editions since the launch. Below is the link to the Ford Authority article and a few stolen pics. https://fordauthority.com/2022/11/2023-ford-bronco-heritage-two-door-in-shadow-black-photos/
  11. Veterans & Gold Star Families get free lifetime passes to National Parks, wildlife refuges, other public lands

    Not sure where to post this but thought it was a good to know for all our Veterans (myself included) and Gold Star families. "On Veterans Day 2022, the National Park Service will unveil a lifetime pass providing free entrance to national parks for Veterans and their families. The Inter-agency...
  12. ⚡️ New Scout EV website is live!

    Admin update: We invite you to visit new sister-site ScoutEVforum -- https://www.scoutevforum.com THE WORLD NEEDS SCOUTS. To honor where we’ve come from. To unlock the potential of what lies ahead. To show our land the respect it deserves. To lift up our communities and haul their...
  13. One off 2022 GMC Jimmy for SEMA

    Pretty sure this is the Bronco that some of you wanted. https://www.autoblog.com/2022/10/18/2022-gmc-jimmy-custom-convertible-suv-flat-out-autos/ Edit - https://flatoutautos.com/%E2%80%9822-gmc-jimmy
  14. Heritage Edition t-shirts?

    Folding up laundry and realized that I needed an update. Looks like the member stopped posting awhile ago and their site is down so I'm taking that Ford took them down. So, anyone making a Heritage version like this?
  15. For those with painted / wrapped MIC tops ... how are they holding up?

    So, with Heritage being the only possible way into a white mod top and possibly no price protection for '24 has thinking of just making what I want. For those that have either had your MIC painted or vinyl wrapped can you give some feedback on how it's holding up?
  16. Jeep cashing in on Bronco sales?

    I'm in a small military town so not much so far for Bronco sitings but happened to see this at the local Jeep dealer. Didn't get a chance to stop and look so pulled up their website for the price knowing full well there would be a markup. Their asking price for a 4dr base SAS is $66,500 which...
  17. New Blazer (sorta) from Mitsuoka

    Not sure how many of you know Mitsuoka but they've offered quite an interesting lineup over the years. The latest is based on the RAV4 with a Blazer inspired front end called the Buddy. Love it or hate it at least it's different if not any more capable than what it's based on and of course we'll...
  18. Vanderhall Navarro???

    Here's one that I haven't seen before. Vanderhall makes a pretty cool 3 wheeler for the street but guess they have plans for an electric 4 wheeler with some very similar Bronco specs: https://vanderhallusa.com/navarro/
  19. Painting the Shadow Black Modular Hardtop Questions

    Finally got my build finalized and its looking like I'll be in for MY21 but no white tops this year and who knows what it'll be tied to for '22. So my questions below are about ordering and painting the SB mod top white and just being done with this roller coaster for awhile. Here it goes ...
  20. Carvana "Dealership" Ads

    I had sold off my trade to Carvana awhile back so I guess I'm still on the mailing list. Their current list of "dealership" ads is right on!