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  1. Best hardtop-compatible Bimini top?

    Now that's it's been a a few years, what's the best Bimini top that can stay on while the hard top comes and goes?
  2. PA doorless law status

    Any lawyers or law nuts here. What does "laid on the table" mean? I was hoping for good things after it passed transportation...
  3. Paint removed under mic top?

    For those who have removed their rear top, are there multiple areas of exposed metal with the paint has rubbed away? I removed mine for the first time and there's bare metal at the top bolts and the rear corners.
  4. Phillips push pins for trailer wiring

    I feel like an idiot. How do you remove the taillight trim? They are push pins with Phillips screws in them. Turning the Phillips screws does nothing, all 8 just spin and don't come out. What's the secret..
  5. How to remove windshield header trim

    Remove the windshield header trim panel. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 501-05. Anyone know what this is exactly...
  6. Noise getting into 4lo

    Often when I shift into 4lo, I hear a bad bapbapbapbapbap sound of something spinning but not fully engaged. Then I get an error msg saying 4x4 shift delayed, pull forward. So I put it in drive, move up a foot, try again and it usually works. Normal? Terrible? It's certainly embarrassing...
  7. Neutral doesn't drop revs?

    I don't want to hear people saying not to drive in neutral. I was just messing around while on a long drive. The bronco is the first car I've driven that revs up while in neutral. It seems to stay at an RPM that matches 10th gear while in neutral. I confirmed that it's not in gear by applying...
  8. (Another) DIY Sliding Tailgate

    This is blatantly copied off of a previous post here that was removed. Issues and/or things others should change: Top lid doesn't open far (pictured). I can access things for now, so I'll live with it. I wanted to avoid a large gap so I'm stuck with it like this. I wish I had put a big chamfer...
  9. Alternator outputs while coasting

    Has anyone noticed the alternator primarily operates while coasting? Has anyone verified the same with a manual? That means we could get even worse mpg with a traditional system! :)
  10. Wireless android auto

    Wired android auto seemed finicky as hell. I think that was a worn cable combined with a dated phone. I have a moto G7 power with android 10. Does wireless android auto work? How do you initiate it?
  11. Alignment pin stuck in MIC HT

    I thought this would be trivial to pull out with a multitool. I'll try some high quality needle nose pliers, but has anyone pulled one of these out? Not sure if I should be trying to rotate or bend it out...pull straight, etc. It put up a solid fight for today so I'll tackle it tomorrow.