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  1. Anyone Have Experience with the Milwaukee M18 Inflator 2848-20?

    Right, I have 30 different Milwaukee m18 tools. I’m asking about what size battery is being used for several air ups on 4 tires? A 1.5ah m18 battery barely allows me to blow off my lanai, driveway and side walk. The battery’s Milwaukee offers for the m18 range from 1ah all the way up to 12ah I...
  2. 4000 miles in and it's nagging me for an oil change

    Always change mine 1000 miles before I should minimum. Like mentioned above it’s cheap insurance
  3. Downpipes for 2.3L

    I just wish I had a in with someone who has the capability of making one, I would pay for it no matter the price
  4. Downpipes for 2.3L

    A downpipe is necessary with a stage 3 turbo and tune. 3” all the way back from the turbo would gain more hp and torque. I could understand if no one made a bigger turbo for the 2.3, but CRP does
  5. Downpipes for 2.3L

    Maybe one day, I’ve stopped concerning myself with it. The downpipe seems to be a no go for some reason and Juggernaut is the only company actively working on a custom tune, (still developing software according to their website) I can buy a stage 3 turbo, but can’t do anything but look at it and...
  6. Question on Mabett Speaker Pods

    The speakers just swap over but the alignment of the holes is off with the 2 door.
  7. Downpipes for 2.3L

    Just sell me the prototype that is higher priced than you want to bring to production
  8. Florida OEM or aftermarket soft top 4 door

    I tried that but since I tried to fix it myself with adhesive due to the fact I couldn’t drive in the rain or secure my vehicle. I should have never done that and maybe I would have stood a better chance of getting it covered. They claimed it wasn’t a defect. Honestly it could have been one of...
  9. 2.3 What's your maximum boost

    I get 19 (not sustained) with no tune if you believe the gauge. (Intake, charge pipes, exhaust, intercooler, and a stage 3 54mm turbo from crpengineering that’s a paperweight since no one can figure out a custom tune for the 2.3l or a downpipe) coming up on 2 years of places developing a...
  10. Windshield Repair “Kits”

    Yep living in Florida I wouldn’t even think of making a claim for the windshield, due to our already ridiculous rates. Would be more cost effective to repair it myself or pay $900 out of pocket
  11. Exhaust Modes Gone Issue

    Process of elimination. Not sure why the intake would cause the issue but like mentioned above, go back to stock tune and see what happens
  12. Replacement stickers... insanely expensive?

    You’re referring to the pin strip down the side??? I believe @StickerFab or @Underground Graphics has what you need and it’s not 1k. Also depends on where you live, I opted not to do ppf or a wrap due to the sun and heat where I live.
  13. Deactivating Panic Alarm on Bronco Key Fob

    Use a coin or flat head screwdriver to pop the fob apart. You could use the physical key itself too I’m sure.
  14. Grille Shutter Delete? Want to maximize cooling

    Can’t you just remove the shutter and then plug the motor back in?
  15. King vs Fox — Detailed Comparison Review of 2.5 Kings and 2.5 Fox Performance Elite Shocks

    Kings are 30k miles before a rebuild, and that’s just pavement driving. Anyone know what Fox is?
  16. Soft top issues - wind noise from my rear passenger door at 40+ MPH

    I had to have my passenger side cable replaced due to wind noise and the tension not being there when closed. I could lift up the top where it meets the roll bar. If the middle is latched, the windows are installed correctly then this is what I would look at next.