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  1. Performance Data Recorder type thing possible?

    With the all-around cameras available on the Bronco, I have wondered why there wasn’t a feature similar to the Performance Data Recorder from Chevrolet on the Corvette and Camaro. I figured that it would not be too hard to implement. This morning I noticed something with a warning message that...
  2. Bronco Production Line Assembly Video

    I wish it had more of the assembly process than driving through mud puddles though.
  3. Things that are different in Power Up 3.5.4

    The one guy posted about the speed limit missing and there’s obviously the Car Play full screen but what other changes have you noticed and what do you think about them. The “buttons” in the Air Distribution screen now light up orange instead of green. I liked the green much better.
  4. Connected Built-In Navigation - Has anyone ACTUALLY received an update?

    For those of us who have the Built-In Navigation radio, has anyone actually received an update? It's been over a year and I have yet to have receive a single map update. My Garmin came with lifetime free updates and usually sends out update notifications 3 times a year. It only cost me about...
  5. Lots of Bronco stuff on kijiji

    I've noticed that there are quite a few ads for Bronco parts starting to show up on kijiji. There's nothing that I am interested in but if you have a 4 door it might be worth a look.
  6. Radar ices up after just a few minutes.

    The radar sensor ices up after just a few minutes of driving in the snow. Once it does, it the Bronco starts sending out panicky warning messages telling you that Pre-Collision Assist is unavailable or that Adaptive Cruise Control is unavailable. It seems to me that the radar sensor being...
  7. Ford Accessories 2 door floor mat for cargo area.

    I just picked up the Ford cargo mat for my 2 door Bronco. I like the look of it and how it fits. It doesn’t have cutouts for the hooks but there are markings on the back for where the cutouts go.
  8. Clock weirdness

    This morning I noticed that my clock was half an hour fast so I set it to the correct time and drove to work. I had to pop out for an appointment in the afternoon and when I looked, the clock was again half an hour fast. I looked at the menu and set it to auto time setting or whatever it is...
  9. B-pillar mounted keypad.

    Since before my Bronco arrived, actually before I even ordered it, I had thought about using the vertical wired keypad from another Ford model and mounting it in the b-pillar trim (something Ford should have done in the first place). This afternoon I was at my dealer’s parts counter and just...
  10. Curious TPMS operation

    I dropped my tire pressure to 36 psi to improve the ride quality and I haven’t yet added air to compensate for the current temperatures so naturally, the tire pressures are low. The system registers each tire’s pressure correctly however, only the right front tire shows an alarm. I figure that...
  11. Seat height adjuster broken

    On Saturday I went to move the seat height adjuster on the driver's side, there was a pop and it stopped working. I have only ever used it twice before so it is quite disappointing that it has failed already. Has anyone else had this happen?
  12. New ARB compressor mount released by Motobilt.

    Motobilt has released a new ARB twin compressor mount this morning. https://motobilt.com/products/arb-compressor-enclosure?variant=39863245307988
  13. Horsepower For Hope Rally

    On Saturday my niece and I participated in the Horsepower For Hope Rally in support of the Kids with Cancer Society. This was our second year participating in this Edmonton, Alberta fundraiser. This year was a poker rally. The day started out at Canadian Tire in Windermere and from there we...
  14. What are these "New Story" notifications and how do I stop them?

    Super annoying. How do you turn them off?
  15. Northwest Territories four wheelin?

    I am thinking of checking out the Northwest Territories this summer and I was wondering if there are any trails worth bringing my Bronco on. Also any suggestions on must see and do things? This would be my first trip to NWT.
  16. Watched threads

    Can you change it so the default is to watch without sending emails? I always forget to do this when I start a thread.
  17. Home brewed Bronco pickup.

    Does anyone have anymore info on this?
  18. Sirius radio keeps jumping back to channel 1

    Sometimes when I change channels on my Sirius radio it jumps back to the preview channel on channel 1. This happens quite often and it is very annoying. Doesn't matter if I turn the tuning dial or use the touch screen, it happens either way. There does not seem to be any pattern to when this...
  19. Canadian Upfitter Switches

    I filled up the last of my Auxiliary switches this morning.
  20. You thought prices were high in Canada and the USA?

    The Bronco Sport Wildtrak starts at an eye watering 8.177 million Pesos in Argentina (US$74,877 C$95,991)!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!one!! :oops::oops::oops: