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  1. Blown M190 on Hells Gate <-Video proof

    He was in 4lo all day without switching and then was spinning and sawing the wheel back and forth while two footing it. If that's proper form I'll see myself out. We have a lot of people new to performance driving who seem to idolize the guys doing the most damage to their trucks.
  2. Blown M190 on Hells Gate <-Video proof

    Cool then stop breaking shit by spinning thrashing or otherwise not following sound advice. My post was a joke but the number of people who have responded with some version of "It's my right to wantonly destroy my Bronco then complain about it." Is pathetic. Snacks doesn't need you guys to...
  3. Blown M190 on Hells Gate <-Video proof

    Do people not go to Off Roadeo or do they just ignore everything the instructors say?
  4. Off-Road Trailer DIY Build Project Complete

    Did you do anything for ventilation besides the door and window we see?
  5. MIC hard top surface now resembles the moon's surface

    Sure but they don’t need to be. Ford just cheaped out and won’t do a foam and fiberglass top. The top on my 1990 was superior in every way except weight.
  6. MIC hard top surface now resembles the moon's surface

    It cracks me up that they had this solved 30 years ago. Never had any of this on my 80s/90s Broncos. I even took the caps off and on regularly.
  7. Pair of Baja Designs LP6 mounted on modular bumper

    Any wobbling or flashing in the light pattern from that mount?
  8. KOH Edition Bronco just arrived at my dealer

    Is that the actual MSRP or a dealer markup? Why would they price it above a Braptor?
  9. Improving low beams with fogs?

    Yes, I used @4x4TruckLEDs.com very simple kit. I am shocked at how few people use this option for what seems like a much more common used case.
  10. Improving low beams with fogs?

    I run SS6 SAE fogs in a mod bumper. They are slightly aimed out to fix the terrible lack of spillover. I love them and have them aimed properly for on road use.
  11. Tricky Motorsports Bumper Light Brackets x Auxbeam Round LED Offroad Lights

    I should update this again because I had a bunch of vibration and wobbling in the light pattern. The tricky dick bracket it’s just not thick enough for 2 pound 6 inch lights. I added a 3/16 inch aluminum sheet underneath the bracket, and it took all the vibration away. I don’t pay any attention...
  12. A Pillar / Ditch Lights that don't break the bank?

    I have diode dynamics in my bumper and they are fantastic. I also have Auxbeam rally style lights on my bumper and I’d say that Auxbeam is the king of the Chinese lights. I don’t think there is a better low budget option.
  13. Fun Haver Off-Road Widebody Kit Installed Pics

    I thought the GOBI rack attached to the bumper? Is that brand new?
  14. I bought the cheapest tube doors on Amazon!

    Also, as an FYI you can’t have just the front tube doors on. Because the tube is much thicker that the OEM sheet metal it interferes with the rear door opening.
  15. I bought the cheapest tube doors on Amazon!

    One does on big speed bumps but the latches are adjustable so that they can hold the doors closed against their rubber pad.
  16. I bought the cheapest tube doors on Amazon!

    It’s the camera angle. I was actually really pleased that the top line of the rear doors lines up with the body line on the fender. The lower bars are less great but I appreciate the minimalist approach.
  17. Hitch extension

    I don't think anyone is advocating using a hitch extender for a trailer. Most people (like me) who need a hitch extender need it for bike rack or cargo baskets. So stop with all the, "You'll ruin your load capacity!" OP I had a regular slide in hitch extender like this: https://a.co/d/aDYQ8U5...
  18. Amazon DKMGHT Mud Flaps, anyone bought these?

    Please someone else watch the video so at least two of us can be permanently scarred by that guy's thumb nail.