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  1. Is PPF Wrap Worth it?

    So, to your point in the video, you really don’t know if the scratches are down to the paint yet and won’t until you have it peeled off, or flakes off so to speak. Also, it’s easy to justify something that you’ve spent money on already and $3200 is a hefty investment. However, with the amount...
  2. Is PPF Wrap Worth it?

    Never have to worry again? lol! Dude, Xpel is one of the best, yet it only really lasts for 2-3 years. If you’re in a hot climate area, almost shave that in half. PPFs only can last 3-5 years (if) you wash your ride weekly and that means weekly using quality car shampoo, two bucket...
  3. Is PPF Wrap Worth it?

    PPF does indeed work, but it just doesn’t last very long unless you baby it. Heavy wear areas will start to show signs after 3-4 years. $5K is also way too much to protect a vehicle like this and in this price range. PPF mostly must be done by a professional, but if you have done a paint...
  4. Should I get another Bronco?

    Going to put this quote you made on a t-shirt, sell a ton of them, then send you a check for 5%! :ROFLMAO: “Life is too short to drive boring vehicles, shoot crappy guns and eat garbage food.”
  5. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Geez man, guess I haven’t seen the entire profile of your rig in a while; totally badass build! Looks like some nice fun wheelin you done there too. That’s the best rear bumper I’ve seen. Almost looks like the stock with the bottom thin steel removed. Which bumper is it?
  6. Aonarch’s 2023 Bronco Build

    FP cover drain plug is awesome and even looks badass. you should have an easier time installing it than I. :) my small leak was from my failing to properly torque 1 bolt near the bottom. Follow that spec for sure.
  7. FEEDBACK ON SPECIFIC PROBLEM ISSUES / RESOLUTION – 2022 2 Door Badlands w/ Sasquatch

    I’ve seen a few Youtube videos with fixes for the window rattle, but I fear that may compromise the glass, as it seems the give saves from issues with it being a frameless door. Careful with that one. Mine wobbles too when not all the way down. For the cargo door and driver door, sounds...
  8. Interesting Article on Bronco Sales

    Just wait till the 3 big balls Toyotas hit dealerships. There will be ADM, but many guys will see more value in the reliable and value holding Toyotas and gladly fork over $8-$10K to be first on the block with one. That new 4Runner may be lights out unless Ford snaps out of the dummy...
  9. 🤔Bad News for the Cybertruck!🤔

    If/when Tesla goes bankrupt, going ot have a whiskey with a beer back. #hipstersadness
  10. Redline Tuning Hood Struts installed

    Wait, what are we talking about here??? :ROFLMAO:
  11. Redline Tuning Hood Struts installed

    Update: I did purchase the Redline (non-max lift, but the fancier silver struts). Install was pretty straightforward. I didn’t drop a bolt, but I can see how easily you could if trying to do this with one hand. I’m tall at 6’4, but still stood on a stool to ensure proper reach and got it...
  12. MadMan4BamaNATL

    Georgia Bronco

    I have ATL UTD matches on both Saturdays, but Sunday May 5 is clean. Isn’t Mother’s Day the next week? If so, I’ll be out of town.
  13. Classic Bronco instrument cluster

    I’m ok with digital speed; easier to read, but an analog tach is better for my brain to recognize. Even after over a year, not used to it when off-roading in manual mode. The Braptor set up is ideal. I do like my “gauges” stack to the right though, so I can monitor the battery and trans temp.
  14. My son

    That’s just awesome! Bet you two will be telling this story and laughing about it for the next 30-40 years. Don’t have to be a good mechanic; most of us aren’t, but you guys working things out will be great bonding. Tell him, remember, go gentle until you can’t. :ROFLMAO:
  15. Fog Light Recommendation?

    I have their kit and purchased Baja Designs Fog array from 4x4TruckLEDs.com and my ARB Twin Compressor from them as well; stand up guys. I’m not endorsed by them either, although I should be! :ROFLMAO: I have the 3 fogs on individual switches and A Pillar lights on another, then my...
  16. Where’s Bronco?

    Can’t explain that tech glitch, but your ass needs to go get some gas! :ROFLMAO:
  17. First week of Bronco ownership - There are questions

    Great, then you’ll understand and accept why the addition of even more, and more complex electric gizmos wouldn’t be needed or wanted. If people buy a Bronco for other than off roading, the joke is on them; so call it what you will. I stand by my statements. Bronco is an off roader with a...
  18. First week of Bronco ownership - There are questions

    Not sure I can take you serious if you really cross shopped a Bronco with a Rivian. A Rivian is 100% a luxury EV with very pedestrian off road capability, but with off road tires. A Bronco is a bare bones off roader, with a few tech bits bolted on. One is soft as hell, while the other is...
  19. Broncos in Stock - Some Marked Down $5,500

    Basically, the Fed knew what they were doing after all. All of these high interest rates are killing inflation in the car market. Unfortunately, the effects hurt a lot and haven’t really seemed to impact housing costs, but no one wants another mortgage crisis either. That Braptor sold for...
  20. Broncos in Stock - Some Marked Down $5,500

    Love that context, but you know what they say about perception.….. I’ve never owned and honestly never liked Toyota; think they lack soul or character, but no denying that people in America line up for them and will for these as well. To your statement about complexity; that’s technology...