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  1. Idaho Sold: Signature headlights

    $350 shipped 48 states. About 13000 miles on them.
  2. Atlas Transfer Case Installed Pics From Loren Healy

    Doesn't look like this has been posted but saw on FB Loren Healy has an Atlas installed. No other details provided in post other than the eye candy.
  3. Idaho Sold: Standard headlights

    From a 2021 BD with ~350miles. $350 local, $450 shipped (48 states). Packaging is solid for shipping. Driver and passenger.
  4. DIY Camp Kitchen Box

    Completed my version of ARB's drawer system. Reused my previous box/drawer for now but will build a new larger drawer down the road (plywood ain't cheap these days). Gave my led lights another shot using Velcro as my previous attempts with double sided tape didn't work. Got the trailer prepped...
  5. 3 wheeled a rental baby Bronco

    Weak sauce baby bro weak sauce.
  6. Feral horses in Oregon

    Finally found them.
  7. Bad Aux switch escalates to don't drive Bronco

    I have a flaky Aux6 switch that comes on by itself and exhibits electrical short behavior. Bronco has been at the dealership for a week while a new upfitter switch came in, which didn't resolve. Got the call today that the battery junction box is fried and they have ordered that part which is...
  8. Wild Horse Basin

    Headed out to the Oregon desert to break in the Bronco and assumed I would wake up with feral horses welcoming my rig. Sadly that wasn't the case but got some good scenery in. Dashboard burritos are a go, defrost on high warms em up nice.
  9. My take on front license plate relocation

    Found some scrap metal in the garage and bend it with my HF special press. Made some cuts, drilled some holes, drank some bourbon, and rattle can sprayed it. Used two of the TP-45 fog light bolts for mounting. I have a history of losing front license plates while offroading...not this time...
  10. Garage door opener on Aux switch

    Not sure if anyone has posted about using one of the aux switches as a garage door opener but the following is a bit of a how-to for those of us with aux switches but not the lux package (IIRC that gets universal garage door feature). Also this is for those with an old school door opener that...
  11. Expert Level Achieved

    Congrats to all of us that reserved the first night! Today @noon ET marked the 10,000th hour of waiting thus making us experts on the subject matter. Let the emotions flow.
  12. Big Bend Bronco SPORT in Cactus Gray

    Went over to Lithia Ford in Boise to test drive a 2.7-10Speed F-150 and saw they have a Cactus Gray Sport sitting out front. Sun was setting so not the best light, will try for a follow up post as well. This color is just as illusive in person as other pics on here. Mint green, then a blue...