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  1. (UPDATED) Rotational squeak / squeal noise below 30mph after driving

    OP here, FWIW, mine hasn’t made a sound since I replaced it 2 years ago.
  2. Cracks in OEM spare carrier

    Haven’t seen that. Not making an accusation, but something looks fishy about the location and direction of those cracks to me. I do wonder if maybe someone or something hit your spare. also the bolts have torque markings. who had them loose before? I wonder if could be related to over or...
  3. Ford Performance Tune Dealer Install Issue

    This is simply "fear of the unknown". Those dealers have probably never done one and are just afraid that it's not worth the hassle and risk involved to try and deal with the customer if something goes wrong doing something that they aren't already familiar with. Not sure where in Maryland...
  4. (UPDATED) Rotational squeak / squeal noise below 30mph after driving

    I understand that. What I don’t understand is how them replacing the front driveshaft didn’t fix the concern. The new driveshaft would’ve included a new boot.
  5. (UPDATED) Rotational squeak / squeal noise below 30mph after driving

    I’m not sure I understand how the driveshaft didn’t fix it…. the boot comes with the new front driveshaft.
  6. Extended Warranty - opinions?

    Some of you have no idea how high an automotive repair bill can be these days. Seemingly minor things can costs thousands of dollars. You are driving a rolling computer with an array of electronics that you most likely can’t work on at home and many independent shops won’t be able to handle...
  7. (UPDATED) Rotational squeak / squeal noise below 30mph after driving

    Why would you pay for this instead of just taking it in for free warranty service? and then demand your money back “because you are pissed”?
  8. PPF bubbling/delaminating less than 2yrs old?

    it’s not an “automatic warranty, no questions asked issue” because they haven’t even seen it yet and don’t know what caused it. How would they determine if it is a covered repair (a defect in the product or a workmanship/installation issue) without even seeing it? what if it had a harsh...
  9. 1st annual Bronco day at Richmond Ford West

    My apologies to any Bronco owners that I missed getting a photo of their vehicle. I know that folks came and went throughout the morning. Last but not least, thanks to “The Stone Expressions” for musical entertainment in our shop throughout the day. They even invited one of our heavy truck...
  10. 1st annual Bronco day at Richmond Ford West

    more Broncos in attendance:
  11. 1st annual Bronco day at Richmond Ford West

    The 1st annual Bronco Day gathering was held yesterday at Richmond Ford West in Glen Allen, Virginia yesterday despite less than perfect weather conditions. We had expected 125 Bronco and Sport owners based on RSVP returns, but the rain kept many away. Still, we ended up counting over 40...
  12. (UPDATED) Rotational squeak / squeal noise below 30mph after driving

    contact your selling (or local servicing) dealer to schedule an appointment with their service department.
  13. Auto-Start failed in middle of road, at night, blocking traffic, with Semi Truck backing past me in reverse

    You don’t seem to understand how auto stop start works. You already stated your desire to get rid of it. Now you are fixated on it being the cause of your recent problem. I think this is called confirmation bias. I agree with Ducati that something else is more than likely the root cause...
  14. Brake issue w/ Video

    2021 2.7/auto here. 14k miles. never had that happen & never heard that complaint before. Might be ABS related. Sounds like it is time for an appointment at your local dealer. I would ask to take someone for a test drive with you so you can duplicate the problem and show them what you are...
  15. SuperFord

    The Broncos of Virginia(s)

    POST EVENT RECAP Saturday, October 14th, 2023 - Bronco event! Come join us at the first annual "Richmond Ford West - Bronco Day" gathering! Broncos of all model years are encouraged to attend! Classic to Modern welcome! This is a family friendly show event with food trucks and prize...
  16. Ugly MIC transport damage photos

    If it did, it doesn't now! "option delete"