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  1. Illinois Plate Type?

    Dumb question but I've never registered a truck or SUV in Illinois, only cars and motorcyles . . . will this be registered as truck or passenger? I'm pre-filling out the title and reg form online and it pulled the VIN info properly and populated most of the fields . . . but it also says Truck...
  2. Tragic story of improperly raised vehicle

    I'm sure this is preaching to the choir here but just in case anyone ever thinks some shortcuts are OK (or tells YOU to take them) here's a sad reminder. Some shortcuts just aren't ever OK. Man crushed while servicing his SUV
  3. Ford patents tech to allow vehicles to auto-repossess

    Cool tech, Bro, but maybe work on the tech that builds them and delivers them before the tech that takes them back. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2361657-ford-patents-car-that-can-repossess-itself-and-drive-back-to-showroom/
  4. Autopian dishes the dirt on the sameness of automotive audio systems

    So the fine folks over at Autopian have an interesting read on how a lot of audio systems installed in today's vehicles are all sourced from the same supplier but (mostly) just badged/branded to provide the illusion of differentiation. Not surprising to anyone that is into HiFi (or whatever the...
  5. Book About Bronco History

    So I recently completed another trip around the sun and my little sister gifted me this (she's the thoughtful one in the family). So far really enjoying it - well researched by a true-blue(oval) Bronco guy with some great sources. Pictures are terrific, too. Highly recommend.