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  1. Nevada 265/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler tires for sale

    I have 265/70R17 Wrangler Duratreks for sale. I'm looking to get $500 OBO for all four. My dealers says they have 7/32 left of tread. My measurements show 9/32. They have a little over 8k miles. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking!
  2. New Ford Performances 2" lift kit vs Hoss 3.0 ?

    Hello everyone: So with Ford Performances lift kit now available, how is it going to compare to the Hoss 3.0 with Fox Shocks. What are the better shocks? Thanks! Edit: So dumb saw that they won't fit Sas
  3. Ive canceled our order

    Hello everyone: So, it's been a long, fun journey with the Bronco journey and for me, it has ended. We recently acquired a 2010 Ford Explorer Limited from a good friend of ours for a price that we'd have to be crazy to turn down. That means, that we'd have no use for a new Bronco at this point...
  4. Never forget

    Never forget 21 years ago. Never forget the lives lost. Never forget the bravery of people who gave their lives for the lives of others. Never forget the people who put their lives at risk for the lives of others. Never forget the people who have been effected to this day. Never forget 9/11.
  5. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T vs BFG K02

    Hello everyone: I was just having fun looking at tires (guilty habit) and decided to see what the best A/T tire there was. I narrowed it down to Mickey Thomson Baja Boss A/T and BFG All-Terrain K02s. I thought for sure BFGs would be best but after further research Mickey Thompson leveled the...
  6. Happy Labor Day!

    I would just like to wish all Bronco6g members a happy Labor Day!
  7. Ford bronco with Explorer ST sound?

    Hello everyone: So one of my all time favorite vehicles is an Explorer ST. I think it has one of the best interior exhaust note.....even if it is piped in at least it sounds good. So, since the Bronco shares the same Nano series engine, I thought maybe I could make my Bronco (once it comes in)...
  8. When will 2022 order holders be notified that we have to reorder to a 2023?

    Hello everyone: So I heard that 2023 order banks will open up September 12th. When will 2022 order holders be let know we have to switch to a 2023? Will it be on September 12th if we haven't been booked? Will @Ford Motor Company continue to schedule orders until Sep. 12? Thanks!
  9. Can anyone confirm I have a complete list of skid plates?

    Hello everyone: So I have a Wildtrak Hoss 3.0 on order and I know that for some reason it doesn't have full skid plates. I put a list together and was wondering if anyone can confirm that it is complete: -Front Skid Plate (from the factory) -Transmission Skid Plate -Transfer Case skid plate...
  10. Warn VR Evo 8 Winch?

    Hello everyone: So I'm killing time while waiting for our Bronco and am doing research on winches for the Wildtrak. I saw Ford Performance's and Warn's winch, but the $3,500 seems a bit high to me. I went to Warns website and went through the different winches they had. Would the VR Eve 8...
  11. Shadow black MOD hard-top vs painting MIC top -- cost?

    Hello everyone: So with the rumored 2023 updates leaked I saw an interesting development. The Shadow Black Hard-top. I think it would look good on my Race Red Wildtrak. I saw it says late availability, so my question is, how much more expensive would it be to paint the top that will come on...
  12. Show me photos of 2-Door Hoss 3.0

    Hello everyone: So we have a Bronco Wildtrak Hoss 3.0 2 door on order but haven't seen any real life pictures on it. If anyone can share some photos that'd be great. Also, of there is a Race Red Hoss 3.0 two Door photo than that'd be the best! Thanks!
  13. Poll: would you want a Ford Bronco Raptor 2-Door

    Hello everyone: Let's see if Fords making a big mistake by not making a 2-door Bronco Raptor. Who wants a 2-door Bronco Raptor? Lets see if @Ford Motor Company will listen and make one.
  14. What skid plates are included with Wildtrak Hoss 3.0 2-Door

    Hello everyone: So I am hoping that my Bronco will come in....hopefully within the next decade and thought I'd get prepared. I am wondering, what skid plates are included on a Bronco Wildtrak Hoss 3.0 2-Door? Is it just a front skid plate? I'm hoping at least a transmission skid plate and...
  15. DIY Bronco Raptor 2-Door ?

    Hello everyone: So I love the Bronco Raptor but wish it was available in a 2 door. I am going for looks over performance right now. Let's say you get a 2.7L Sasquatch (doesn't matter what trim) and add the following: -Bronco Raptor or Ranger Raptor rims -Bronco Raptor grille -Bronco Raptor...
  16. Who’s named their vehicles?

    I have! All our cars are named after songs. -Upcoming Bronco: Rocko the Bronco/ Rocky (in this case theme song) (named after Rocky (Rocko) Marciano the movie Rocky was based off) -Raptor: Layla (Eric Clapton) -2003 F150 Fx4: Lola (The Kinks) -2014 GT500: Ruby The following are not our vehicles...
  17. Where is Ford Performance's 2.7L Tune?

    Hello everyone: So I have a Wildtrak Hoss 3.0 on order and am putting together an accessory list that I want to add. I mostly have it together except for one thing. I don't know where I can buy the 2.7L Ford Performance Tune (M9603-B27). I see it in the catalogue I can't find it on Ford...