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  1. Updated 2.3L coming?

    This circus has a lot less angry monkey's than any car forum I've ever been a part of.
  2. (fun list!) Bronco accessories to be avoided! (keep it friendly)

    More feather ruffling. Wheels like this
  3. SS5 Grille Crosslink Lightbar by Diode Dynamics, Oracle backlit letters, and a few other mods

    Depression is why there are drugs and alcohol.
  4. Bronco vs. Grenadier vs. the world

    It's my understanding there are zero Land Rover OEM components in it.
  5. A New Kind of Portal

    Boolean structured queries. WebCrawler, Lycos, AltaVista + Mosaic were heaven sent compared to BBS searches. The best part was, no pay wall blocking anything. They way the internet should be.
  6. A New Kind of Portal

    You forgot Harry Johnson, Ben Dover, Long Duk Dong, Mike Hunt and many others
  7. I'm a Ford guy, but...

    All such things only prove that the quick click, social media, turd soup we're fed every day works. $billions are made using this technique. It will not go away in my lifetime.
  8. Bilstein 6100 vs OEM Kits

    Are the coils on this set based on stock weight values? What would you suggest for retaining stock height but better road compliance?
  9. Where's the flappy mud flaps? 🤷

    I'll 2nd this. Love ours. The top piece fixes some. Below the bolts flies a lot. No drill mounting.
  10. Why does the swing gate swing to the right?

    Hand dominance is rarely a trained habit. My daughter did most things left handed as an infant. Once she started learning to feed herself she did so right handed. No we didn't have the goofy bent spoon and no we didn't place the spoon in her right hand. My father was left handed so I thought her...
  11. A New Kind of Portal

    Just an aside regarding casting. I used to work for a company that used lost wax casting for aircraft and large land based turbines. Incredibly strong. They actually produced the first non welded turbocharger impellers back in the late 70s. Back when "it couldn't be done".
  12. Uncomfortable front seats! What is the solution?

    I have a pretty consistent seat setup in the different vehicles we own or have owned. I can't quite get it in the Bronco. I agree with others about the seat angle and thigh support is a big part of why I can't quite nail my comfy setup in the Bronco. This seat shims are tempting but I'm not fond...
  13. Uncomfortable front seats! What is the solution?

    Quite often hip pain can be traced to pedal offset. How fat left pr right or your hip joint centerline can make a difference. We haven'y done a long trip yet so I can't comment on comfort. The Bronco is the wife's.
  14. Bronco 2-Door Stage by Diabolical - prototype look

    Nice! A little 2Dr love. How about some pics of the bottom side? I'm a bit on the hefty side.
  15. I love AIG Off-Road Products but....

    Not at all. Why would you ever think that? <--- Lie followed by sarcasm
  16. RIP O.J.

    Really. Shame on everyone for not idolizing a murderer. Shallow poo poo heads
  17. Need help: What is a "010" bolt?

    Yep, now that you've stated it's metric for sure, it's an ungraded bolt. Low torque/yield. Of course now I'm curious where they came from
  18. Anyone make upgraded charge pipes?

    Thanks. I was being lazy. Lethal Performance sells the K&N unit(s) for the OEM intake. 2.3 and 2.7. https://www.lethalperformance.com/k-n-charge-pipe-kit-2021-2024-ford-bronco-2-3l-77-1005kc.html https://www.lethalperformance.com/k-n-charge-pipe-kit-2021-2024-ford-bronco-2-7l-77-1006kc.html No...
  19. Anyone make upgraded charge pipes?

    Is that for their intake or to replace OEM?
  20. Will metallic paints hold up better than flat ones?

    Red paint no matter if it's metallic or non will fade the fastest. Its shorter wavelength absorbs more UV. This is based on dusty old memories. My brother was a bodywork and paint guy many years ago. There is debate as to metallic reflecting more light back through the clear but I'm not sure of...