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  1. Profender shocks - ever heard of them?

    Saw a set of Profender shocks being sold alongside some Bilstein 5100's in a local (Kuwait) store, and they caught my eye. They're not that much more expensive than the 5100's, but theoretically seem to be better. Seen absolutely no posts regarding Profenders in here, though they seem more...
  2. CV Half Shaft Axle

    I must be a unicorn then because I somehow ruined my driver side CV and I don't even do that difficult of off-roading, and on top of that I'm running 32's.
  3. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    Honestly, if you're going for 5.38 then you're a little bit more psychotic than most people. Going above 3.73's more of a necessity for a lot of people, and so are the lockers, if that makes sense.
  4. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    Nope, lockers and gear ratios. Can't really find a solution for that on the 3.73 gearing that doesn't cost more than the sas package.
  5. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    The 2.7 has more downsides than upsides, and even the upsides aren't all that important (sound, I guess) so I'd honestly recommend you stick to the 2.3.
  6. Manually installing SYNC 4 updates without Wi-Fi?

    Yeah, you're perfectly right. I was wondering why he charged so much, but now I'm questioning how he even makes a profit. Thanks for the help.
  7. Has anybody got Auto Hold to work with ForScan?

    I'm assuming this only works for SYNC 4 equipped Broncos? And does it need to be updated to any specific version, or is it available for older versions too?
  8. Manually installing SYNC 4 updates without Wi-Fi?

    Hi everyone. I'm in the Middle East where OTA Sync 4 updates are disabled for some reason, and I'd really like to know how to update it through any other means. I haven't found much else regarding my question since everyone else just assumes I'd be able to press a few buttons on the screen and...
  9. Heavy Duty Cabin Air Filter?

    And for how long...
  10. Heritage Build - After & Before

    The comments section didn't disappoint me, even if most of you were too forgiving. But that's probably because OP would call a cartel hit on you if you called him out on his questionable decisions.
  11. Enable Cornering Fog Lights on Bronco with Modular Bumper via Forscan?

    Yup, my rig. Dunno about the not lighting part, but surely it's one of those codes that you'd have to keep normal. However, could also be that that's just how the programming is. I'll definitely check your thread out!
  12. Enable Cornering Fog Lights on Bronco with Modular Bumper via Forscan?

    Yeah, I ended up doing it and was genuinely shocked that it was that easy. Sick Raptor btw, and huge thanks for the help! P.S. got any more cool hidden forscan codes to try out?
  13. Enable Cornering Fog Lights on Bronco with Modular Bumper via Forscan?

    Wait wait wait, did this actually work? Can you show a video?
  14. Front bumper rust from dealer installed front plate holder on '23 Wildtrak

    Obviously confront the dealership in this case, and I hope they set it right for you.
  15. Why are Jeepers so rude to everyone else?

    You mentioned it yourself: they're kinder on the trail. Same shit goes with any offroader or racecar or utility vehicle: the people that shit on other, 'lesser cars' are the ones who don't use their own vehicle for their intended purposes, and are as such defending an insecurity. Seen it with...
  16. 400 WHP unlocked on 2.7L with ZFG Racing E85 Tune + Bolt-ons

    Y You changed your turbos out for the 400whp? And is that necessary for the 2.3?
  17. 400 WHP unlocked on 2.7L with ZFG Racing E85 Tune + Bolt-ons

    This is awesome as hell, and 400whp is the number I'd like to see on mine too someday! Question is, would this be enough for a 2.3? Or what else would you think I'd need?
  18. What Do You Use Your Trail Sights For?

    Yeah, this makes sense. A lot of the things on the Bronco should be options instead of part of packages, but that's how modern automotive greed works unfortunately.