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  1. Indominus49er

    Rear seats, how will you use them?

    I will use the as I count it as a lifting workout session pulling them out of my 2dr. No need for rear seats
  2. Indominus49er

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    Am I gonna get into trouble with this
  3. Indominus49er

    First Videos of 2021 Ford Bronco on Rubicon Trail (+ More Pics)

    Yeah not a fan of the m4, never have been. E46 m3 in Phoenix Yellow is my ticket. And yes that looks good 👍
  4. Indominus49er

    First Videos of 2021 Ford Bronco on Rubicon Trail (+ More Pics)

    This is where we disagree my friend, which is okay👍. My m3 was a 2dr. Also had an m2. All my Jeep's were 2drs. Every 4dr I've ever had I've gotten rid of with a year as I never use the back seats and aesthetically to me a 2dr always looks better, just better proportions imo. But to each their...
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    That sucks. I have a good sales guy. Msrp, no ADM or dealer add one and xplan if available. He sold my buddy's Raptor to him and he is straight up.
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    You just call marketing and they will change your dealer. You are not able to change it online, at least as of yet.
  7. Indominus49er

    First Videos of 2021 Ford Bronco on Rubicon Trail (+ More Pics)

    Look, as far as 4drs go, the Bronco looks damn good with 4drs!! But I'll be damned if anyone says it looks better than the 2dr 😂. That is the only choice 💯💯💯💯
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    I have a 2dr Fe on reserve at Gaudin
  9. Indominus49er

    The Bike Thread

    I am just riding my mid school bmx build until I buy a new mtb bike. Just sold a Giant Stance. Not sure what I want. Buying a Specialized Roll Elite LTd later today just for something more comfortable to cruise. It's the 420 themed bike lol
  10. Indominus49er

    Anyone Else Wish They had Kodiak Brown as a Color Option?

    Love that color. ❤️ I totally would rock that on the Bronco.
  11. Indominus49er

    Anyone planning to wrap their hard tops?

    My Abarth that was fully wrapped. Was the first one to use this 2 layer technique from Avery several years back. Fully aware of wraps and they are durability and they certainly have their place as you can see I like wraps. Just my preference I would rather rhino it But your Jeep looks good...
  12. Indominus49er

    Anyone planning to wrap their hard tops?

    I know the guys here at incognito wraps in Vegas and they told me it will not hold over time due to the texture, that air/mositure can easily get in those pockets and cause lifting, that coupled with the hot Vegas sun. I won't be going that route. I wanna do it one time and have it last. But...
  13. Indominus49er

    Area 51 thread

    I will if I get that color. Between that and Cactus 🌵. I'm out in Vegas so not far away at all.
  14. Indominus49er

    Ford Bronco Savings Plans

    Wow that's impressive. Good job sir!! 😃 I just buy what I want. You only live once
  15. Indominus49er

    The Dog Thread

    What? The online configurator is not up yet?
  16. Indominus49er

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    No, just shift it out of 4wd like raptor guys do=better than sport mode. Just did this last week in my buddy's Raptor.