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  1. da_jokker

    Northern California dealership discussion

    I posted something similar in the other thread.. but this whole topic reminds me of e-bay... people get so caught up in a "deal" they end up paying more or just about new prices. Why would you want $1,000 under invoice just to lose it in Shipping (for the 2nd Time). I mean yes.. if you just...
  2. da_jokker

    Roof racks with removable roof - how will that work?

    It seems that the roof rack attaches to the far back section and on the windshield. So it would seem that there is nothing stopping say a 4-door from removing both the front and Mid\Rear Passenger section other than it just being to tight. You would think a little extra space in the roof rack...
  3. da_jokker

    What if a Northern California dealer matched Granger?

    I don't even need a dealer to Match Granger... just give us something beside the middle finger California Dealers!!! I mean crap... it seems so easy.. Sell at Invoice (we know you are still making money), toss in a set of rubber floor matts, an extra warranty, or whatever and you may just have...
  4. da_jokker

    Western US buyers group

    I would love to support a dealer like Granger because of all they have done. But to break basically even but add on a whole bunch of potential pitfalls, just isn't worth it. So if a dealer in Cali will do it... we are talking... but as much as I'd like... going outside of Cali (except maybe...
  5. da_jokker

    Transmission cooler

    Yeah I was hoping that the "Towing Package" would include a Trans cooler like most Manufacture's do.. but we'll let that dead horse lie.
  6. da_jokker

    Iconic Silver Paint Thread

    I was hoping those pics showed it with that "Grey" roof like the other thread. I need to see what that looks like because seems like it may clash.
  7. da_jokker

    Trail One Pedal Driving - what is it and can it be turned off?

    As mentioned.... Trail Control = off road cruise control One Foot = Brakes come on when you let off gas so you don't have to go back and forth. Not sure if it comes with manual but would be handy with foot tied up with clutch. Turn Assist = when steering is all the way over, it locks that...
  8. da_jokker

    Trail videos to help decide which 2021 Bronco trim and options you need/want

    Thanks for the videos as well. I've never doubted my choice for automatic and Sasquatch (with the front locker), regardless of all the opinions. Watching your videos just helps me solidify my choice even more. Being able to slowly creep over an obstacles instead of having to power through may...
  9. da_jokker

    Wildtrak or Badlands

    I know WT is supposed to be the Baja version, but I'm treating it like the loaded OBx... which it (WT) has all the options I want. Basically your question can not be answered until Prices come out unless you can decide if you want Rubber floors or not. To Rubber or not to rubber... that is...
  10. da_jokker

    Trail One Pedal Driving - what is it and can it be turned off?

    Thought I saw a video that said what this does is allow the Bronco to control the Brake so you don't have to. Basically when you let off the gas, the brake comes on to keep you from going back or something. Sorry... to many posts to ever remember where I saw this.
  11. da_jokker

    Northern California dealership discussion

    I'm really expecting ford to push that back unless it is their strategy to protect their dealers but forcing us to lock in before we know if the dealer is going to provide lube or not.
  12. da_jokker

    Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    As long as it doesn't look like that ugly ass after thought box called a truck bed on the Gladiator! Man that thing needs to look like it is part of the vehicle and not added on by someone's tree shade garage later.
  13. da_jokker

    Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    Wow... was reading the other thread... huge announcement of one of the largest complaints on this forum aside of the infamous White Top and every post afterwards was people complaining about something else. Thank you @Ford for filtering out all the winning and focusing on the core...
  14. da_jokker

    Northern California dealership discussion

    Let me know what you find out. I've actually done a few back and forth with my contact Gavin Rameriz... seems to be good, but I know he's far from calling the shots around there.
  15. da_jokker

    I don’t want a 4 door base anymore

    I understand... I'm just saying that it is well known that the reference material provided by Ford was known to be inaccurate, and wildly off in many areas, but like if the Base had come standard with Sasquatch that error might have been more obvious. Sorry for those that were counting on it. I...
  16. da_jokker

    Pricing for Ford Performance Parts winch by Warn?

    Funny thing is that many of those winches are all made from the same manufacturer in China. The difference in price is just the name and the QA. Harbor Freight just plays the odds thus their warranty. I know my Engo wench basically is the same as all the other cheaper ones like Smitty...
  17. da_jokker

    Bay Area Broncos

    Exactly...but only concern is all these delays, I'll probably have to reup a second year because of late deliveries.
  18. da_jokker

    Custom rear bumpers and tow hitches

    Thats what I've seen alot of folks mention.. but is a pre-wired harness really worth $600? Are they that hard to install? One would think the factory plug is somewhere back there. I can't imagine they have a totally different wire harness all the way from the front they replace with a pigtail...
  19. da_jokker

    Bay Area Broncos

    Do what you feel and my math sucks but $450 > $25 by a-lot! :) Now if they said invoice... maybe, but my guess is their are getting their money somewhere from you. Hell $450 over invoice could be MSRP