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  1. 🎥 2021 Bronco Badlands Off-Road Test [Can It Wheel? By Lite Brite]

    Kevin has had an account here since October 2019 (@LiteBrite Nation) but he hasn’t logged into the account or posted since the day it was created. He probably set it up to block potential cybersquatting. FWIW, Kevin and Brittany competed in... and finished... KOH this year, which is no small...
  2. Built in Canada?

    All 2-door and 4-door Broncos are built at Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) in Wayne, Michigan.
  3. 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Dedicated Bronco Showrooms

    Now hold on there, Pancho. What I posted was wild-eyed speculation without a shred of support data. Our good friend said, “Hold my bong...” and brought receipts! So I will gladly defer to his superior argument. ;)
  4. Ford halting new orders on SPORT Badlands and other models 4/15
  5. 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Dedicated Bronco Showrooms

    The Sport is doing pretty well, actually... “Ford’s Bronco Sport sales had their best performance to date in March with sales of 9,780 SUVs sold, bringing first-quarter sales to 23,356 vehicles while turning on dealer lots in just 13 days. Based on preliminary data, Bronco Sport is conquesting...
  6. 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Dedicated Bronco Showrooms

    It’s not all downside risk. There is upside exposure due to the allocation incentives. According to a CarBuzz piece back in January... “The program is optional and is not required for dealers to sell or service the Bronco. But the more dealers spend on these upgrades, the more Broncos will be...
  7. 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Dedicated Bronco Showrooms

    Early concept art for the Granger fire pit... It will be located next to the HUGE Granger corral...
  8. What is your BL build?

    😅 Welcome to the forum, Clarice. :cool:
  9. Moab Ride Along – Why I was disappointed

    There are some VERY informative threads about the Bronco suspension system right here on the forum... Oh wait! 😏
  10. Granger Ford - Priority Orders

    @[email protected] and @Granger Ford are definitely playing the long game here. This priority decision has been foreshadowed for months... January 15th — “When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford” February 6th — “Bronco Order Update with Conversion Information” April 9th — “Granger Ford -...
  11. Pineapple pizza

    I’m not sure what to think about the recipe, but the hacker narration had me chuckling. 😂
  12. Is this normal for a dealership?? Help a Nurse who just wants a freakin Bronco

    Sweet baby Jesus! We need to talk. I’ve got a few people on my ignore list that I think you can help. How much time have you got? This could take a while! 😂
  13. Factory roof rack review?

    The SuperLite Roof Tent by Go Fast Campers is the option I’m considering. Weight is approximately 80 lbs, and it’s made for 2 adults plus pet or toddler. Below is a CGI rendering from the company’s website showing the SuperLite on a 4-door Bronco. I...
  14. I Remember When ...

    Yeah, I know. I was just pulling your leg. You're probably two decades younger than me, but I recognize a classic boomer rant when I see one. 😄
  15. I Remember When ...

    OK boomer. ;)
  16. Priority Orders for 2021 Bronco. What are they, who gets them.

    Pro-tip to the lucky celebrities that the bouncers let skip past the line of people behind the velvet rope... Don’t flip everyone off and grab your crotch as you enter the club. ;)
  17. 📸: STL Ball Park Village Event: (2) Badlands 4-Door Broncos in Race Red & Rapid Red

    Great pics, Ash. Especially of the Bilstein sticker! :love: Just one question: Did you have enough headroom in the driver’s seat? I couldn’t quite tell. 😅
  18. 6' 7" Legroom Tested 2021 Bronco 4-Door -- With Pics