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  1. Black Diamond off-roading without Sasquatch

    I hear the Black Diamond self destructs if a tire comes in contact with dirt. Cancel you order now if you can. :)
  2. Moving From Jeep?

    alright, anyone who wants a comparison (once the Bronco is released) ask this guy.
  3. Green Bronco at Mecum Auction

    I’m holding out hope for Boxwood green one day, some day. Anyone else?
  4. What is your BL build?

    Badlands: 2-door, 7MT, Cactus Gray, high package. Keeping it as simple as possible.
  5. Sarasota Bronco displays and a few thoughts from my visit

    Someone put my mind at ease about the pinch welds. Will they be visible on the BL with the rock rails?
  6. Where are the vendors?

    We’re a proud sponsor of this forum and vendor. I know, clothing isn’t what you were talking about, but the lack of vehicles is exactly what drove us to make the shirts. We all want our Broncos yesterday!
  7. Side Question: Hail Just Destroyed Our Car

    Man, I'm sorry this happened to you and your family. I had a friend in Denver had the same thing happen to his Land Cruiser. It was older than this though, and the insurance company totaled it. It worked out well for him. I hope your insurance people take care of you.
  8. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    Yep, I'm on the same page.
  9. Ford Bronco rep further confirms bull bar / brush guard will be redesigned for production

    If any of you guys know from experience with Jeeps, are there generally aftermarket options for the bull bar? Is that the way to go for something like this?
  10. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    The brand is Gildan, a popular supplier of tees and hoodies. I wanted to do Champion, but our current supplier had Champion in very limited colors. Once we are able to get them in more options, we'll switch over to Champion.
  11. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    I understand -- thank you for the examples.
  12. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    We can add this to the list of items. Thank you for your request! Are you thinking small, over the left front pocket area?
  13. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    yes, I think I understand. If you find another example send it to me. We can make it happen. And thank you for the suggestion.
  14. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    @DrewBronc21 thanks for the feedback. our first run was to create a design that could be customized for every Bronco configuration, color, etc. We are doing more original designs that feature the Bronco, and also some without.
  15. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    stay warm my friend!
  16. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    Hi, thank you for noticing that ladies tank that's tagged incorrectly! We'll fix that. From the front, the middle headrest in the back seat is visible for the 4 door. If you zoom in you can see it.
  17. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    Yeah, to be a fan of anything Bronco related is to be a very patient person.
  18. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    It's on the list, sorry it's taking so long...
  19. Announcing... Custom Bronco Hoodies

    We have the short sleeves for every model, but you'll have to tear the sleeves off to go all Hulk.