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  1. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    Darn it, I’m hunkered down for the NCAA Championship game! Sounds like I’m missing the San Diego showings...thank you Mansour.
  2. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    Are these Bronco’s still in San Diego? I’d love to take a peek if they are in town!
  3. What if...

    I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought brand new. The AC was loud and not all that cold. I asked service about it several times. One service writer actually told me “they are all like this, its normal. It’s not a Toyota”. I kept that truck 18 months and dumped it at a loss. That was and...
  4. Bronco Specialist Says 2021 Bronco MPG May Be Comparable to Expedition

    My 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser gets about 12.5mpg overall, I’ll be happy with whatever the new Bronco delivers. And I’ll bet if you drive at under 75 on a long road trip a 2.7 may be >20 mpg. Just calculate the annual cost difference of say 5mpg over a year driving 12,000 miles and its really not...
  5. 📷 Carbonized Gray 2 Door Badlands+Best Top

    I’m glad the Bronco will have the ability to easily swap fender flares. I ordered a Carbonized Gray OB but much prefer the MIC flares to the painted version. I’ll swap those in asap.
  6. Cactus Gray Ranger in full sunshine

    this debate never ends; some see green some don’t. I’m one that sees green in CG which isn’t good or bad. I think it‘s an interesting color, but I opted for Carbonized Gray.
  7. Levine Confirms Cactus Gray Color Change on Build and Price

    I switched from Carbonized Gray to Cactus Gray based on the new representation on B&P. My dealer called me (and I don’t agree with the harsh characterization that they are “all idiots”) who let me know that they had an A51 and CG Sport on the lot so I could see them and decide what the...
  8. 2.7L going to be surprisingly quick?

    I ordered my 4dr OBX with the 2.7. I’m thinking it will be much quicker than the 4.7L gas hog in my 100 Series Land Cruiser. I’m gonna’ miss the LC all the same, its been a great truck.
  9. Levine Confirms Cactus Gray Color Change on Build and Price

    I saw two Bronco Sports side by side at the dealership today. Area 51 and Cactus Gray. The A51 was more blue than it was gray to my eye and the Cactus Gray was more gray than I thought it would be. I think the CG will change tone depending on lighting/time of day. It was pretty flat light...
  10. My KOH Bronco ride Mega Feedback Report and new information gleaned

    Thanks for such a thoughtful and well written review. This provides more “usable” information on what we can all expect once these vehicles begin to arrive. This caused me to study my order one more time. I ordered a 4 door OB, “fully loaded”. Non SAS. It will be 90% street vehicle but I do...
  11. How long will you keep your Bronco?

    3 year lease then decide to buy, return or give to one of my kids. All depends how much I like this rig. I still can’t believe I’m getting a first year model and buying it sight unseen. Never before.....
  12. What is your final build?

    Outer Banks 4 doors (debated this a long time...) CG 2.7L Roast/Onyx Leather Lux Package Mod Bumper Sliders Black Mod roof and soft top A few more options.... can’t wait
  13. Questions about 3 accessories that I am considering

    I have had great experience with PPF, and to me its well worth the investment. I would only have a very reputable shop do the work using top quality film. It will give you “peace of mind” driving as your should be able to avoid stone chips and road rash on your paint. I have it on the front...
  14. What are you giving up to get a Bronco ?

    Decided to get a 4 door Bronco and will sell my 2006 Land Cruiser. I debated between keeping the LC and getting a 2 door Bronco, but decided to thin the herd and go down to one all-around SUV. Also wanted something modern for a change. I also priced a new Defender and it spec’d out at...
  15. Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    2 door for me. We are empty nesters and I’ll keep my 06 Land Cruiser around for Home Depot runs, quail hunting and wet dog duty.
  16. Let's do the MPG math

    I get 11-12 mpg overall in my 2006 Land Cruiser which I’ll sell in favor of the new Bronco. I’m assuming I’ll see some good improvement in my current gas consumption.