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  1. Black Diamond off-roading without Sasquatch

    it probably does everything the badland does, but if you market that, then why would you buy the badlands unless you want the creature comforts. If they dont show it, then theres a bigger chance the BD orders upgrade to the more capable BL trim. just a theory..
  2. [Event] Big and Tall Impressions (Negatives) from 6’4”

    for context to my post above^
  3. [Event] Big and Tall Impressions (Negatives) from 6’4”

    Being 6’ 6” and having sat in the bronco, I can say that the front seat felt pretty good. I mean I would never say that it was the most spacious car, but definitely was comfortable. The back seat however on the 4 door, for me would never ever fly. good thing ill never be back there in my 2dr. haha
  4. Cactus Grey has evolved is my theory

    the color hasnt changed that much. You can tell that the creator of the video boosted the saturation to show the color more. Just some video effects.
  5. I SAW IT, I SAW IT, I SAW IT............Bronco that is. Wanna see some photos?

    AMB looks nearly identical to this in person
  6. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    The MGV you see in the pictures is the only one that you can get on the BD model. If you were to get the BL model you would get black with orange accents.
  7. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    You probably saw my girlfriend and I eating burritos on the tailgate of my red tacoma! ONce we get these things, will have to get a meet up going.
  8. Vintage look - what complements Cactus Grey?

    Just photoshopped the above mentioned photo to have a MIC top. This will be pretty damn close to my build. Also made one with the brush guard and roof rails!
  9. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    Res ~200 of their 100 or so allocations. Pre order date of july 22nd :/ pretty big bummer
  10. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    Hi!! My build is as follows: -2dr -Black Diamond -Cactus gray -Mid pkg -roof rails -brush guard -keypad -paint protection film(planning on doing fender delete) That wash out interior will be crucial for how often i have sand from the beach in my car! cant wait. Sadly ill be in the MY22 boat too...
  11. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    also, the truck looks damn good with 32s and fender flare deletes
  12. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    I was there from 11:30 to 1:00! Really pleased with the MGV and cactus grey. I totally agree on the outer banks the, it looked really rough. It made me change from AMB to CG so I dont have to deal with swirls. The 32s are plenty big for the 4dr and look smaller in photos, in person it looks great.
  13. Am I better off waiting for MY22? - LATE RESERVATION

    I think that if you just made a reservation 3 days ago, then youll likely be a 2023 bronco. I f I were you and you want a bronco before then, I would try to buy one that someone didnt end up buying off the lot to get it sooner. I have a July 17th reservation and dont think I even made the cut...
  14. Antimatter Blue Thread

    love this color but worried ab wear and swirls. hopefully someone can make up my my mind up for me hahaha
  15. Has Ford decided when MY22 begins for the Bronco?

    I heard theyre going to roll out communication of it sometime this summer around july, and then mid to late fall is the transition. But at this point who knows.
  16. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    Just signed up for an event coming this saturday in Carlsbad, California. The employee I talked with on the phone mentioned they will have a 2 door and a 4 door available to see. Hope AMB is there, would love to see that in person.
  17. Base Model Bronco Thread

    I am so excited, I changed my order from a black diamond to: 2Dr Antimatter Blue 2.7L w/ 10 spd. Auto Steel Bumper Aux switches Roof Rails Brush guard Sound Deadening Headliner Floor Liners Keyless Entry All of that for 36k!? a steal. I am planning on giving her a 2.5 inch lift (which should...
  18. Custom graphics are pricey

    My brother works wrapping cars and that price is insane.
  19. Black Diamond Builds

    I made a big change to my build yesterday... I was trying to get a MY21 by getting a 4dr and a 2.3L engine, but after hearing the odds and some sound advice from my family I changed my build to this: Black Diamond 2 door 2.7L V6 Sasquatch package +brush guard +roof rails If I am going to be...
  20. What is your final build?

    ****Edit: After long contemplating I called and had them change my order, because at this point i want exactly what I want, and don't mind waiting a few more months. Black Diamond Cactus Gray 2dr Sasquatch pkg 2.7L V6 Brush guard roof rails This will all probably change a little when the MY22...