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  1. What company are you ‘targeting’ for your lift?

    we aren’t reinventing the wheel. It isn’t like these companies are starting from scratch... c’mon...
  2. What company are you ‘targeting’ for your lift?

    Lifting and suspension are not rocket science.... We should have plenty of options soon.
  3. What company are you ‘targeting’ for your lift?

    Not so impressed with the 4 WP offering I’m still looking to see what Icon does. Any others you are keeping tabs on that I should also consider? Going immediately to 37’s.
  4. Bought a Rubicon

    Looks as about as good as you can make a Wrangler look without getting obnoxious.
  5. 4 door Bronco shoulder room, B pillar pinch point

    For a wide shouldered guy, this is worrisome.
  6. Bronco 2.7L Engine Pictures From Moab

    -Some fear/apprehension of turbos and turbo engine maintenance here. That's fine, just take it to your dealer. My turbos have been no less reliable or difficult to work on that the easy maintenance Toyota engines of the 80-90's. -No worries about a composite oil pan. I'll have plenty of armor...
  7. 🎥 ARB Bronco Build Walk Around

    $833 for that jack, they must be smoking crack....
  8. EJS Moab 2021 Bronco build pictures: ARB, RTR, 4WP

    It seemed to actuate better... smoother action.
  9. EJS Moab 2021 Bronco build pictures: ARB, RTR, 4WP

    I don’t like how the RTR bumper sits so low. Killing the departure angle. Maybe that’s one of the tweaks he spoke about in his video is to get that bumper up.
  10. Custom Bronco Builds from RTR, ARB and 4 Wheel Parts Showcase Aftermarket Off-Road Parts & Accessories

    They need to start selling this shit now. I need to get a pile of goodies going in my garage for launch, including wheels and tires. If anyone wants the 35" GY's from a Sas, I'll have them for sale.
  11. What is the "Production" Process that begins on March 29th?

    yes. Living in Louisville we are used to random parking lots full of Ford heavy trucks and whatever LAP is producing. BTW, just bought the wife a Navi. She’s pretty happy...
  12. Broncos out in the sun @ Allen Park! Cyber Orange Badlands 2-door and Area 51 Wildtrak 4-door

    Love both those wheels and I'd def go 35's. You'll wish you did as soon as the 33's go on. Your truck can handle it fine....
  13. Broncos out in the sun @ Allen Park! Cyber Orange Badlands 2-door and Area 51 Wildtrak 4-door

    SAS isn't big enough for me, but it would still look nice if it weren't for those hideous GY's (Look like bumpy balloons). Terrible looking tire and I don't have any faith in GY's outside of the MTR. the non SAS BFG's look much better.
  14. Your plans for sliders/armor?

    factory sliders are not good enough for rock folks. Not close. I’ll like go square tubes that stick out more to better protect the body and turning pivots when in heavy bolder action.
  15. Let's help Ford with a better name!

    Bronco Warthog should have been Bronco Sport all along, but they've gone and screwed that up... Bronco R is fine too
  16. Outer Banks Interior Tour : Dark Space Gray With Navy Pier Leather

    What I hate most about what Ford is doing on the Bronco is the dueling, high-contrast color schemes. The navy alone would probably be ok, the gray alone would probably be ok. A very light gray with a darker gray, ok... but these high contrast combos just look terrible. Thanks for the well done...