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  1. 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Dedicated Bronco Showrooms

    Great idea. Back in the day when AMC had Jeep, we used to go to the Jeep dealership on Sundays (closed) and check out all the Jeeps. Usually about 20+ on the lot at any time. The soft tops you could sit in and get a feel . That was when I bought my first CJ7 . A stand alone Bronco dealerships...
  2. 🎥 Spotted 2 door Bronco with soft top retracted + fender flares

    That has got to be worst soft top ever. If it won’t go down to the spare tire, it is relatively useless. Whoever makes these will not be selling many . I’m sure their will be a huge aftermarket for something that somebody will want
  3. Bronco now being displayed on the MAP showcase pedestal

    Thanks for the pics. This is my build but with the 2.7. I‘ve been wanting to see a 2dr OBX in CO
  4. Cactus Gray Black Diamond and Black Outer Banks at Ken Grody Carlsbad Bronco Event

    Great pics. Love the OBX interior. I agree also, would really like to see that many pictures on a Cyber Orange OBX
  5. Bronco Inspired Clothing -- Every Model Represented!

    Thx ,ordered. Maybe some his and hers polo or henley shirts with a small logo on the front ?
  6. Bronco Inspired Clothing -- Every Model Represented!

    On the OBX, the mirrors should be the same color as the body🤔
  7. Do any 2-Door Non-Squatch OBX Pics Exist

    Same here,would actually like to see some real photos. Seems like we’ve seen most everything else
  8. Outer Banks Interior Tour | Roast with Black Onyx UP CLOSE

    I must be the outlier here. I thinks it’s the best interior I’ve seen yet. I guess that’s why they have different options. I’m getting the cloth but wouldn’t mind this at all
  9. As the deadline approaches, how many times have you changed your order?

    Zero here also. However,if I get pushed to MY22 there will be changes
  10. What's your OBX builds look like?

    This,except for cloth Roast seats. Excact build
  11. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    Just anything that’s not black. Those look hideous. Looks like something that didn’t make the cut
  12. Spotted: Bronco Badlands Cyber Orange vs Jeep Wrangler Sahara -- side by side

    Yeah,I agree with ya. I’ve been saying all along,some colors look better on the 2dr and others on the 4dr. To me,the pastel colors,A51 and cactus grey look better on the 4dr. Whereas the CO looks best on the 2dr
  13. Late availability for 2 door says dealers

    A big issue I can see is with pushing out so many 4drs first is that they will use up all the 2.7 engines throwing all the 2dr reservations even farther behind
  14. Are you choosing Advance 4x4???

    No. It’s for novices here in the southeast
  15. B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    Been driving one for over 40 yrs. Got tired of it! I also think most of the people that don’t know how to drive a stick will not answer the question