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  1. When is the final day to make changes?

    Contact your dealer. My understanding is that you can change the order until a VIN has been assigned. We have no visibility as to when the VIN is generated, but sooner than later.
  2. Am i the only one that finds this odd?

    If you can read this....please flip me over. :LOL:
  3. No matching inside door color Bar?

    Because the real Bronco only has 2 doors.:LOL:
  4. Possible advantage of MIC tops

    The best thing about MIC top is I get my Bronco in 2021. Second best is when it is off and in the garage who cares it is MIC. :LOL:
  5. 2021 Broncos vs Hell's Revenge

    It is interesting that the Bronco's built by 4 wheel parts and ARB did the bypass while the stock Bronco went up Hells gate.
  6. Switched from Leather to MGV!

    I went with the MGV because it is the cheaper option. I live in Arizona, a black interior is not my first choice. But it is the only choice on Badlands.:censored: I figure I can change to Katskins or some other option in a lighter color after delivery.
  7. 2 door rear cargo area, whats correct?

    Approximately 21 inches at the top and 24 inches at the bottom. :ROFLMAO:
  8. Easter Sale Save 10% for your Little Sasquatch

    Awesome!! I ordered it. Thank you.
  9. Easter Sale Save 10% for your Little Sasquatch

    Would love to order this: Any visibility to when 3xl will be in stock?
  10. 📷: Area 51 2-door First Edition Bronco pics by Levine

    Sure there is. Fold the rear seats add the gear. Plenty on room for the wife and I. :ROFLMAO:
  11. Get ready to cancel your orders!

    Of course they do. The top as well....with a saw. Putting them back on is the trick. :ROFLMAO:
  12. 🎥Test Mule Spotted in Arizona 4 door w/ unpainted top

    Awesome!! The video made go outside looking for rain. :ROFLMAO:
  13. Get ready to cancel your orders!

    You can go ahead and cancel yours....I am not interested in a Subaru at all.
  14. Is the Bronco seating position more like a truck or more like a car?

    I sat in a Bronco 2DR awhile back at Sanderson Ford. It feels like a mid sized truck to me. Kind of like my 2006 Frontier. If it was like a Tacoma I would have canceled my reservation. If you don't have a reservation you are looking at next year for delivery. By then there will be...
  15. Not sure if anyone has seen this post by Motortrend

    True that!! I would like to drive one, but not own it. ;)
  16. Top Car Colors of 2020 (78% White, Black, Gray, or Silver) vs Bronco6G Member Ordered Colors

    I am in the same boat...color blind. 100% agree. White for me.
  17. Which mods will void warranty ?

    Years ago I worked at a Chevy dealer. The accessories shop sold and installed lift kits. I can't tell you how many half shafts and 4x4 actuators that dealer ended up paying for. The warranty clerk would deny the warranty claim, the dealer sold and installed the lift, so the dealer ended up...